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Kisna – The Warrior Poet December 25, 2006

Posted by Sai in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

I know the tagline is very stupid but Subhash Ghai doesn’t seem to think so (I guess he believes bringing the pen and sword together is a neat idea). If Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was the source of inspiration for Ghai’s Pardes then Lagaan and Gadar seem to have inspired him to make the horrendous Kisna (not to mention plot devices lifted from Hollywood flicks). He must have decided to make this film after watching these hugely successful movies that were incidentally released on the same day. I watched this movie a while back but I can recall the feeling of disgust till date.

The movie is a love story between Kisna and a British girl, Catherine, set during the pre-independence era. Catherine and Kisna share a bond from childhood and Kisna protects the girl from his own countrymen. The movie aims to be an epic emotional drama but ends up instead as laughable melodrama. I did expect at least an average movie from Ghai but after the first few minutes of the movie you realise that this is complete crap. Lofty goals don’t always translate into good movies and this movie is a good example. Apart from Ghai the other writers (Sachin Bhaumick, Farukh Dhondy and Margaret Glover) are equally responsible for this debacle. 

The acting isn’t great either. Vivek Oberoi’s career took a nosedive with this movie (like Hrithik’s after Ghai’s previous film Yaadein) and rightly so. Considering the promise he showed in Ram Gopal Varma’s Company, this is a poor performance. Isha Sharvani makes a decent debut though she is relegated to the background. The English actress, Antonia Bernath does a neat job.

The music also isn’t as good when you consider Ghai’s track record alongwith the success rate of A.R. Rahman and Ismail Darbar. Rahman provides the melodious Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan (undoubtedly the best number in this movie) but Ghai’s picturisation of the song (or the lack of it) leaves a lot to be desired. Darbar scores most of the songs and the title song scored by him is quite catchy. The dances in this movie featuring Isha are appealing. Ashok Mehta’s cinematography makes this movie visually pleasing.

Apart from a few positives, this is a lame attempt by Subhash Ghai to match his peers (or to ape them). It is high time that Ghai stopped looking to others’ films for inspiration and came up with something original. Everybody should stay away from this pathetic film.


1. Shujath - December 25, 2006

This is definitely on my list of worst films ever made. Yaadein was much better. Don’t know what happened to the showman in recent times. Even his last hit Taal way back in 1999 was literally saved by A.R Rahman and Anil Kapoor.

Vivek Oberoi doesn’t have the talent nor the body language to carry off a role like that. With a better actor and everything else being the same this movie would have been much better. Isha’s rope dance was probably innovative but was kind of funny. I remember during the last scene where an old Catherine comes to see Isha…..someone in the theatre commented that she would still find her hanging on to the rope and dancing…and everyone was in splits.

Surprisingly, Ghai even failed to film his songs well. Especially the two Rahman tunes Hum Hai Iss Pal and A Moment is What I Have Been Waiting For were badly picturised. In fact Rahman in an interview suggested the same.

Ghai has made really good films before and I hope he redeems himself through his next two directorial ventures with Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan.

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