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Bhagam Bhag December 23, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

Of late I haven’t liked Priyadarshan comedies…with the exception of probably Chup Chup Ke. But the box office has mostly been kind to him. Given that, Bhagam Bhag should also be headed the same way.

This one’s yet again a comedy of errors and of course a Malayalam remake. The original was supposed to be a sequel to the original of Hera Pheri and in a recent interview Priyan said that he did not take Suneil Shetty (who happens to be the producer of this one) as it would give the impression that this was some sort of a sequel to Hera Pheri…as the sequel was already made earlier this year. Unfortunately, Shetty’s part was given to Govinda who definitely deserved more footage than almost being reduced to Akshay Kumar’s sidekick. If anyone wants to watch this expecting Govinda’s comeback then please wait for Salaam-e-Ishq.

The plot actually is much better if you compare it with the director’s previous ventures. Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Govinda are theatre performers who land up in London looking for a heroine to perform in one of their shows. Akshay comes across a suicidal Lara Dutta who agrees to be part of their troupe. An attempted suicide later, she regains her memory (which nobody knew was lost in the first place) and returns to her husband Arbaaz Khan. Moments later, she is killed. The mystery unfolds in the second half and as usual ends with a helter skelter climax involving the whole cast.

Apart from a few one liners, most of the funny moments are very forced. But as long as the audience doesn’t complain Priyan will have the last laugh. One place he has always succeeded is creating those mistaken identity chase situations and there are plenty of them here for those who enjoy it. Coming to the performances, all the usual suspects (Akshay Kumar, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Manoj Joshi, Shakti Kapoor etc…) are cast in their usual roles and they are as usual (good or repititive – you decide).

On the whole Bhagam Bhag didn’t amuse me much but at the same time didn’t bore me either. What you get here is exactly the same you’ve gotten before so if you’ve been enjoying this stuff before there is no reason you wouldn’t enjoy it now.



1. Sai - March 13, 2007

I did not enjoy this film at all. The situations are highly contrived, the screenplay is too convenient and as you mentioned, the laughs are very forced. The main characters are far too generic and the others unappealing.

Acting isn’t anything to talk about as everyone plays their regular roles. Govinda is wasted (it was nice to see him dancing in the Signal song though). Paresh Rawal is wasted. Jackie Shroff sleepwalks through his role (why did he do it in the first place?). Akshay is alright. Lara Dutta doesn’t appeal while Tanushree Datta’s short cameo doesn’t let her do much.

The love angle and the duet (Tere Bin) are forced into the screenplay. Logic is given the least importance in this film. I wasn’t expecting too much sense from the film but I was still disappointed. The plot idea combining a mystery with a comedy of errors seemed promising, considering Priyan’s success with comedies, but it has more holes than content. Throughout the film I never bothered even once to think about what the reason for the mystery was and that should tell you how uninterested I was.

I was bored through the first half till the mystery element kicked in. After that I was hoping for improvement but it actually didn’t get much better. The climax was just too juvenile. Also the familiarity with Priyan’s style didn’t help. Neeraj Vora’s dialogue does appeal intermittenly but it just isn’t enough. Pritam’s foot-tapping soundtrack with songs like Signal and Bhagam Bhag might be the best thing about this film.

This is the worst Priyadarshan comedy that I’ve seen so far (it manages to challenge his awful formulaic love triangle Kabhi Na Kabhi). Watch this only if your interest in Priyan’s comedies hasn’t been on the wane in recent times.

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