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Insomnia December 15, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

Christopher Nolan has been a favorite with the critics with films like Memento, Batman Begins and the more recent The Prestige. Insomnia is another one to his impressive list. Actually it is the remake of a 1997 Norwegian film of the same name.

At the outset it looks like a typical serial killer mystery, but thankfully for a change…it doesn’t turn out to be one. Al Pacino and Martin Donovan are bound to Alaska to investigate the brutal killing of a teenager. Also, both of them are under the scanner of Internal Affairs for some irregularities in their previous investigations. As they investigate the current case differences crop up between the two because of Donovan’s stand to strike a deal with Internal Affairs to get out of the mess. As they are almost about to nab the culprit in their current case Donovan gets shot and killed by Pacino accidentally. Though he feels guilty about the whole incident, Pacino decides to cover it up to save himself. However, things get worse when the actual killer (Robin Williams) witnesses that incident and blackmails Pacino. The main focus in the movie is on the dilemma which Pacino faces – on one hand he has to save himself from being convicted while on the other hand he cannot let Williams slip away for his crime.

This movie works mostly due to Al Pacino and also Robin Williams who has much lesser screen time but nevertheless impresses in an unconventional role. There is also Hilary Swank for support. Inspite of a not so great story, Nolan makes the proceedings highly interesting with the help of his great cast. A satisfying psychological thriller which should please everyone.


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