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Scarecrow December 12, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

I never heard of this movie before. It was only the pairing of Al Pacino and Gene Hackman together which made me rent this. I found this one good in parts but not enough to qualify as a must see.

One reason I did not find it interesting is because the plot isn’t too great. It is like any typical Hollywood road movie except that there is more realism to it. Al Pacino and Gene Hackman are two strangers who accidentally meet and get together to start a car wash business according to the plan Hackman made while he was serving time in prison. This movie is about their eventful journey as they set out for their goal.

One thing which struck me while watching this movie is the resemblance of the characterization of the lead pair to that of Vikram and Surya in Bala’s Pithamagan (Sivaputhrudu). The scene in the prison where Pacino is badly beaten up and Hackman shows his affection for him; as well as the sequences towards the climax slightly hint that Bala might have got a tad inspired from this flick.

The movie ends on a somewhat tragic note. If there is one thing which holds this film together it is Pacino. Without him it would have been quite a pain to sit through this. Hackman is also fine but since he plays a subdued character he was completely overshadowed by Pacino.

The lowpoint is the pacing which really tests your patience. The only appealing stuff about this film is its authentic feel and the last 20 minutes or so when thinngs are a bit more interesting. Watch this movie if you like Pacino but otherwise this isn’t something you would regret missing.


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