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X-Men: The Last Stand November 30, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

There is one thing I can definitely say after watching this movie – I sorely miss Bryan Singer. Lot of people had apprehensions before the movie’s release about director Brett Ratner continuing Singer’s legacy and sadly quite a few of them are true.

When viewed as a stand alone superhero movie X-3 works but when the moment you begin comparing it to the first two movies the disappointment begins. First and foremost, the sleek and glossy look is totally missing. Probably Ratner wanted to establish his own style which doesn’t work. Also, the action sequences are overdone and look quite campy at times. The Golden Gate bridge sequence towards the climax was surely a tough thing to create but it actually made me laugh. In one of the scenes where Wolverine’s metal claws come out, the clumsy CGI was evident. On the brighter side, this movie is lot more eventful…going by the number of important characters who get wiped out. Also, there are quite a few new mutants – one of them is a lady with teleporting abilities but nothing compared to Nightcrawler who was seen in X-2: United.

The story is pretty much on the same lines as its predecessors. This time a cure has been developed to cure the Mutants and make them human. Magneto (Ian McKellen) uses this opportunity to justify his hostility with humans yet again…and embarks to destroy the cure and the people around it. This time to aid him there is Jean (Famke Janssen) who we come to know has enormous untapped power and a darker side. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) are there on the other front to prevent this.

Hugh Jackman reprises his breakthrough role once again and he is charming as usual…but I did not like his costume in the end. The other notable performer is of course Ian Mckellen as the deviously likeable Magneto. The action is impressive in parts. Desipte all the negatives, you would definitely want to watch this if you have seen the previous two movies….because it does act as a fairly satisfying finale; otherwise you may skip this.



1. Sai - February 20, 2007

This is my favorite superhero series (and X2 is my favorite superhero film). Brett Ratner, best known for Rush Hour and its sequel, tries his best to match what Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns) brought to the first two movies. It isn’t easily apparent that this film is helmed by a different director. The imagination is all there but Ratner tries to bring a bit of his own style too (resulting in more action and a faster pace, which isn’t necessarily a good thing). Though he isn’t on par with Singer, he does a good job.

Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, Elektra), who provided the story for X2, and Simon Kinberg (Mr & Mrs Smith) weave quite a few unexpected twists into the screenplay that took me completely by surprise (though some may feel it was overkill). By the end of the film, some of these seem pointless. The mutant cure storyline seems to be a suitable one to end the trilogy (though there is scope for more films in the series).

The Golden Gate sequence wasn’t really awe-inspiring as the makers might have expected. Actually, it seems a bit out of place, considering the events that follow. I was satisfied with the film for most part but wasn’t really happy with some of the events that transpire during the climax of the film.

Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen still have the best parts and Halle Berry still seems a misfit. Kelsey Grammer makes his debut as Beast and he does fine (though I really wouldn’t have imagined him suiting this role). Famke Janssen gets a larger part and she is good but not outstanding.

Overall, I wasn’t totally satisfied but then I had a few minor issues with the original X-Men also. This film is definitely worth watching and a must watch for those who liked the first two films.

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