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Chatrapathi November 29, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

One thing which has always appealed to me about Rajamouli’s movies are their sleek promos and title sequences which are quite unusual for a Telugu flick. Chatrapathi is no exception. Apart from Vikramarkudu I’ve seen all his films and in my opinion this definitely is his best written one till date.

Prabhas loses track of his mother (Bhanupriya) and overtly jealous kid brother (Shafi) during an incident in a refugee camp in Sri Lanka. He ends up in Vizag where a certain mafia lord provides refuge to him and his people in return for their services (or rather slavery). The movie revolves around around two threads….one about Prabhas’ quest to find his mother and his rebellion against his masters and subsequent rise to power as the “Chatrapathi”.

The biggest gamble for Rajamouli was to take the banal mother sentiment thread and blend it with the rest of the action; and this is exactly the place where he succeeds. The first hour of the movie is fairly ok but the graph begins to soar from the pre-interval action sequence (which in itself is a brilliant scene that stays with you for the rest of the duration). Also, the scenes in the second half where Shafi manipulates Prabhas are well executed.

Prabhas fits the title role quite well; though he still needs to work on his diction. Also, he looks quite awkward doing his dance moves. Shriya doesn’t have much to do. Bhanupriya is good as the mother. Shafi as the villainous brother was good but late into the movie his characterization becomes quite clownish which didn’t make sense. Venu Madhav is too good…especially his take on Aparichitudu/Anniyan.

Music by Keeravani is nice but the real clincher is his background score….be it the pumped up themes or the pathos filled ones; it is not an overstatement to say that the background score is the real hero of this movie. The action sequences by Peter Hein are well choreographed without much of the regular over the top wirework. Rajamouli proves yet again why he is called the “blockbuster” director. Though one can find a lot of glitches (especially the shark fight scene) the end product on the whole definitely is worth watching.



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