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Suspect Zero November 27, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

This is another one of those muddled thrillers where you end up feeling like a moron when the suspense starts to unfold. No doubt, you’ll find lots of movies with far fetched plots but atleast they don’t pretend to be realistic. This is precisely where this one falters.

Ben Kingsley is a vigilante who seeks out and kills other serial killers. There is some wierd ritual like stuff he does to actually predict when a murder or a kidnapping is going to take place in the future….how does he do it? Simple…there is an FBI training course for the same which can also be accessed through audio lessons; how cool! And Kingsley tries conveying this information to an FBI agent (Aaron Eckhart) who also seems to share certain similar traits. Most of the movie is about Eckhart’s troubles in trying to figure out who Kingsley actually was and what he was trying to say to him. Well, I actually gave away the spoiler in the story simply because it is not really worth it to watch the movie to find it out.

The presence of actors like Ben Kingsley, Aaron Eckhart and Carrie-Anne Moss is what made me rent this movie. The direction by Elias Merhige is good and the narrative is fine too but all this actually leads to the film’s undoing when the actual suspense is revealed. I really would not recommend this to anyone.



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