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Click November 21, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

“What if You Had a Universal Remote….That Controlled Your Universe?” says the tagline – After watching Click one possible answer to that question would be – fast forward to the time when the movie ends. Click is not an outrightly bad or unwatchable movie; but I rate this low because the writers (who are five in number including Adam Sandler) botch up a very promising premise.

Adam Sandler plays a workaholic who puts his family on the backburner every time disappointing them. Also, he has a problem handling the various remote controls which swamp his house. So, one night he sets out in search of a universal remote to make his life simpler. He happens to bump into a certain Morty (Christopher Walken) who gives him a remote to control everything around him…literally. Things seem to working out for Sandler in the beginning as he fast forwards through the irritating aspects of his life (and also pausing and rewinding a few times)….but the remote begins to get out of control as it moves into an auto fast forward mode which keeps transporting Sandler farther and farther into the future based on his previous preferences.

The objective of all this is actually to bring home the point that “family comes first” – but after watching the campy second half you wonder if the aim was to make fun of the adage. There are a few funny moments in the first half to save the day but even the laughs go missing in the second half and I was waiting for the movie to end. I guess this is the third or fourth movie I’ve seen in recent years where there is a horny pet dog which likes to hump anything in sight – Hollywood writers seem to be fascinated with this joke.

Sandler is the same as he is in any other movie. Kate Beckinsale looks extremely good. Walken gets to play yet another mad scientist character and he seems to be getting very repititive in this role. David Hasselhoff is good as the boss. Click could have been a much better film than what it is; still you might like it if you’ve liked Adam Sandler’s previous flicks.


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