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Dead Again November 10, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

No matter how crappily they are made, I do enjoy watching reincarnation flicks from time to time. And there are quite a bunch of them in Hindi and Telugu if you might want to check out. As far as I remember, this is probably the only Hollywood movie I can recall seeing with this theme.

The story begins with a black and white footage of a news story covering a high profile murder committed by a certain Roman Strauss (Kenneth Branagh) who is found guilty of murdering his wife (Emma Thompson) with a pair of scissors. Fast Forward to the future and you see an amnesiac Emma Thompson having these same black and white nightmares. Fate finds her a helper in a reincarnated Kenneth Branagh with who she delves into her past with the aid of a hypnotist (Derek Jacobi). Ultimately, things are resolved – but not in the way you might guess after reading this review until now.

Andy Garcia and Robin Williams make cameo appearances. Emma Thompson has tremendous screen presence and she makes a great onscreen pair with Kenneth Branagh who also directs this flick. Actually, they were married to each other when this movie was filmed. If you have seen other similar themed films in Hindi or Telugu then you might not really find this new; but as for me I did quite enjoy watching this as it has been a really long time I saw a reincarnation flick and I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in such movies.


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