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Shuang long hui (The Twin Dragons) November 8, 2006

Posted by Sai in Cantonese, English, Movies, Reviews.

The movie also apparently goes by Brother vs. Brother, Double Dragon, Duel of Dragons, Seung lung kooi and When Dragons Collide and was made as a benefit film for the Hong Kong Directors Guild (according to IMDB). This film stars Jackie Chan in a dual role as twins separated at birth. One of them grows up into a musician while the other becomes a rogue. As promising as the premise sounds for a Jackie Chan action comedy, this one sucks!

The film tries to run (quite predictably) on the mistaken identity of these characters. Though it has been done before, with some good action and comedy, this movie would have worked. The movie has some gags that make you laugh a bit but it isn’t as funny as it needs to be. The action scenes are good, as you expect with Chan flicks, but they weren’t enough to satiate me. Except for the comedy in the tub and the climax, most of the movie is forgettable. Uninspired writing (Barry Wong, Hark Tsui, Tung Cho ‘Joe’ Cheung, Yik Wong) and direction (Ringo Lam, Hark Tsui) mar this film. Chan is good but that isn’t enough to save the film. On the whole, this is a disappointing Jackie Chan flick that only fans might want to watch.

The interesting thing though is that E.V.V. Satyanarayana was inspired by this film to make Hello Brother in telugu (starring Nagarjuna) that was later remade in hindi by David Dhawan as Judwaa (starring Salman Khan). Both of the movies worked at the Box Office and were liked by the audience. I quite enjoyed Hello Brother and still remember some of its crazy characters and weird but witty dialogue. It just goes to show that remakes aren’t a bad idea, especially when the original wastes a promising premise.


1. Shujath - November 8, 2006

The idea of a mistaken identity comedy involving the lead actor/actress in a double role is a tried and tested theme in Indian cinema. I guess apart from the concept of common reflexes of the twins the rest of the plot has been seen in umpteen movies in both Hindi and Telugu. I haven’t seen this one but I did enjoy the remakes…especially Hello Brother.

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