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Planes, Trains and Automobiles November 6, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

John Hughes – the man behind kiddie crowd pleasers like the Home Alone series, Dennis the Menace, Baby’s Day Out, Flubber etc. made this really sweet and hillarious comedy in the late eighties. Unlike his other movies which were critically panned, this one received rave reviews and was a great commercial success too.

You might probably guess from the title that the theme is a travel comedy involving a plane trip, rail trip, road trip and of course….a lot of stopovers. Steve Martin plays a busy executive who needs to reach home for thanksgiving. It’s just two hours on a plane before he reaches home but fate has something else in store; also to his dismay there is a talkative shower ring salesman (John Candy) he has to hook up with against his wishes. And then begins the fun. The humour in this movie is mostly slapstick but it still made me laugh throughout. Steve Martin doesn’t have too many lines but it is his reaction to things happening around him which makes you crack up. John Candy is also good as the quirky salesman.

This movie is essentially a “two guys who don’t like each other initially but slowly bond” movie which always has its appeal along with some “Thanksgiving Spirit” thrown in the end. I enjoyed watching this more so because it brought back memories of other movies Hughes made and which I really enjoyed as a kid. In recent years, this genre seems to have died a slow death. Anyways, this is a really fine comedy which both kids and adults can enjoy.

Tailpiece: This otherwise innocuous comedy received an R-rating because of a scene where a frustrated Steve Martin blasts a car rental receptionist using the f-word nineteen times in a sentence (source: Wikipedia).


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