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Jaan-e-Mann – Lets Fall In Love…Again November 5, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

The not so interesting promos might have indicated what Sajid Nadiadwala’s magnum opus Jaan-e-Mann was – another schmaltzy romantic comedy. But as the opening credits appear with the backdrop of the moon’s surface and a spaceship in the vicinity you know it could be something more than that. The very next black-n-white Filmfare Awards sequence is even more wackier. And these visual and technological gimmicks are what make a stale plot into an eminently watchable film.

Salman Khan is the self proclaimed rockstar…no, it’s superstar – who needs 50 lakh rupees for a one time alimony settlement with his divorced wife Priety Zinta. In comes Akshay Kumar as the saviour with a halo – the astronaut geek who happens to be her long time lover. Salman and his dwarf lawyer uncle Anupam Kher now plan to get Akshay and Priety married to get rid of the alimony woes. They set up shop in front of her house (lifted from “Addicted To Love”) and then begins a Kal Ho Naa Ho style “How to woo a girl” lesson from Salman. Things seem to go fine at first but slowly Salman’s feelings for her are rekindled and discovering that he has a daughter from her; he wants to do an about turn and now longs to be with them. But it already is too late. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

It is not really this hackneyed plot where the movie scores but the unconventional use of the visual and musical medium to narrate a story. The melodious “Humko Maloom Hai” is definitely one the best filmed songs in Indian cinema. The other song which stands out is “Sau Dard” – soulfully rendered by Sonu Nigam and brilliantly filmed on a brooding Salman. The rest of the songs too look great on screen. Debutant Shirish Kunder – who is credited for background music score, story, screenplay, dialouges, editing and direction…whew!!! makes his mark in style. He is definitely here to stay.

Salman’s role seems to be written with him only in mind….it is delightful to see him back with his usual self-depracating humor and his heartfelt emotional performance in the later reels consolidates his position as the best male crybaby we have today. The scenes which he shares with the little baby (who in turn deserves full marks for her cute performance) are the pick of the lot. Askhay Kumar is too good as the geek and his onscreen bonding with Salman is great. His now famous “hey hey hey…” laughter never fails to bring the house down. Priety looks much more beautiful when compared to her recent movies and here she mostly has to look good and nothing else. The only reason for casting Anupam Kher as the dwarf was to accommodate those “bowna” jokes; otherwise it doesn’t serve any purpose.

The lowpoint of the film is the irritatingly extended family of Priety Zinta (which is probably intentional given the way Kunder was mocking at as well as revelling in Bollywood cliches throughout the film). Anu Malik is back in form after a long time. Farah Khan definitely reserved her best work for her husband. New York is captured quite well here unlike the recent KANK. The visual effects are totally seamless and are the highlight of this flick.

Unfortunately, this film hasn’t performed well but I hope this wouldn’t stop Kunder from some wild experimentation in his next. All in all, Jaan-e-Mann is a film one should watch without preconceived notions about how a film should be….you may or may not like it but will surely find the format interesting.



1. Sai - November 5, 2006

This movie has got mostly good reviews (and Salman was also universally praised and some called it his best performance till date). The other Diwali release was almost universally panned in comparison to the original. Don had a bumber response at the ticket window in the opening weeks while the response for this was lackluster. However, it is said to be picking up and will probably last longer than Don. Looking forward to this one after your review.

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