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Kokila November 2, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

The primary reason for me to watch this 2006 movie was its soundtrack. The score by Madhukar has some good numbers. Check out the Subhamo and Snehama tracks if you haven’t heard those yet. It has other appealing songs too.

This film was directed by Konda (Ninne Ishtapaddanu), who passed away before it could be released (they changed the negative sounding title from Clean Bowled to Kokila after that). To summarize the movie in one phrase, I could say “three friends are after one girl”. Each one of these guys claims to love the girl and each of them gets a chance to woo her with no interference from the others. How and why this happens and who gets the girl in the end is what the movie is about. The accent is more on creating confusions allowing for the comic situations to develop rather than developing a likeable story.

Suhasini (Chantigadu) surprised me in her short role. Her payasam scene was the one that made me laugh the most. Rajiv Kanakala is the pick of the male actors. Raja (Anand) and Siva Balaji (Arya) are fine as the other leads. Saloni (Oka Oorilo, Chukkallo Chandrudu) and Veda/Archana (Nenu, Sri Ramadasu) are eye candy. Saloni plays the title character of Kokila. Though her acting could be improved, I liked her expressions. Archana looks quite good and acts well too.

The movie is a predictable comedy that has a weak story but it does have some amusing situations and funny scenes. This movie isn’t a bore and can be watched at leisure for the comedy and music but not for an appealing story.


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