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My Cousin Vinny October 27, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

Easily one of the best comedies I’ve seen…My Cousin Vinny is somewhat an unusual one at that. Especially the main setting which is a courtroom doesn’t really ring a bell for a comic drama. In fact, in my DVD store this movie was categorized in the “suspense/thrillers” list. Only after watching it back home I realized it wasn’t one.

Two friends Billy and Stan Vincent accidentally steal a can of tuna from a supermarket. A few minutes later they are arrested for the murder of the clerk of the same supermarket. During a funny sequence of mistaken identities, these guys plead guilty for their crime but they aren’t aware that they were being interrogated for the murder. The comes in Vincent Gambini aka Vinny (Joe Pesci) to the rescue who happens to be Billy’s cousin and that’s when the fun begins. The mainstay of this enterprise is Joe Pesci who is absolutely delightful as Vinny. Even in scenes which might sound silly…for instance whenever he is woken up from sleep by the siren; his mannerisms truly crack you up. More than the lines written for him, it is the way he delivers it that makes all the difference. He is ably supported by Marisa Tomei.

Jonathan Lynn (The Whole Nine Yards) directs this venture and makes sure he keeps his viewers in splits most of the time. All in all this is a movie you’ll have a good time watching.



1. Sai - October 27, 2006

I first saw this movie quite a few years back and I fell in love with Joe Pesci. The movie is a laugh riot and Pesci is superb. His characterization, expressions and dialogues make me laugh just as hard every time I watch it. Robert De Niro and Danny DeVito were apparently considered for the role but Pesci is definitely the best choice. Marisa Tomei is also first-rate as the girl friend (the supporting actress Oscar for this comic role was surprising though). She doesn’t get as meaty a role as Pesci but her body language and dialogue delivery are outstanding and they are still etched in my memory. This is a role that many might have left alone but Tomei takes it and makes it her own.

The director, Jonathan Lynn (who created and wrote TV series like Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister) made another courtroom comedy called Trial and Error starring Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld), Jeff Daniels and Charlize Theron that doesn’t match up to this one but is good.

Dale Launer (Ruthless People, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) writes the screenplay and does a pretty good job. The character quirks and backgrounds are well integrated into the script. The disputes and conflicts that Pesci has with many characters, including Tomei and the Judge are uproarious. The resolution of the case is clever and likeable.

This movie is one of those rare comedies that doesn’t lose its appeal even on repeated viewing. Credit for that goes to the performances of Pesci and Tomei and the writing. Those who haven’t watched it yet are missing some hilarious entertainment. There will be few that will not have a smile at the end of this one.

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