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My Little Eye October 22, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

I regret watching this flick….somehow I was impressed by the cover and the plot; and was suckered into renting it. Based on famous reality shows like Big Brother the plot involves six people who sign up through the internet to stay together in some far off jungle under video supervision. All of them are required to stick together for the entire duration; the prize for which is a million dollars for each. Even if a single one opts out the game is over. Now, certain strange things keep happening which are intended to drive some of the people out from that place…..so far interesting; but the film gets progressively crappy as it nears its end and the climax forms the last nail on its coffin.

To achieve a realistic look the camera view is employed a lot of times but this doesn’t help when the plot is going haywire. It sure is creepy at the beginning but then it gets really boring and I was waiting for the movie to finish. But still, this was critically acclaimed in some circles for its theme. For me, this was the perfect case of good plot marred by bad execution. This is definitely amongst the below average psychological thrillers I’ve seen and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.


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