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Once Upon a Time in Mexico October 18, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

When I saw Johnny Depp in his black attire and sunglasses with a gun in hand, I couldn’t resist this one. This is the third movie in the series directed by Robert Rodriguez following El Mariachi and Desperado. The name of the movie is supposed to be a tribute to Once Upon a Time in the West (a famous Western by Sergio Leone who made what is probably the most watched Western Trilogy starring Clint Eastwood).

This movie is rarely about the plot but it works because it has style and imagination in abundance and is worth watching just for that. Apart from writing and directing, Rodriguez also shoots, chops and scores this movie. He is also credited as a producer, production designer, visual effect supervisor and camera operator. Talk about multiple talents! He does well in almost everything and is really the heart of the movie. The plot (which is alright) is just a placeholder for the snazzy action sequences, humorous dialogue and amusing confrontations and conversations.

You can’t help loving Johnny Depp. This is another delightful performance from the charismatic actor (or should I say star?). He also apparently wrote his own theme music while Banderas improved the original El Mariachi theme. Antonio Banderas is good as the main protagonist but I felt he was overshadowed by Depp. Salma Hayek makes a brief appearance. The movie also features Mickey Rourke (Sin City), William Dafoe (Spider-Man), Eva Mendes (Hitch) and Enrique Iglesias (yes, the singer!).

The movie has some really violent scenes that sensitive audiences might want to keep in mind. For me, Robert Rodriguez’s work and Johnny Depp’s acting are enough to watch this movie. Fans should want to watch this. Otherwise, I would recommend this movie to those who like slick action flicks.


1. Shujath - November 11, 2006

I cannot really tolerate Antonio Banderas and so don’t watch is movies….but I saw this only for Rodriguez and Johnny Depp. The last 20 minutes or so featuring Depp can be the sole reason for watching this movie. Every scene of his toward the end was a whistleworthy moment.

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