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Athadu October 13, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

This film was a comeback of sorts for Mahesh who did not have a bonafide hit for almost 2 years after his blockbuster Okkadu. Since it was in the making for more than a year the expectations were quite high and this was considered to be his make or break film. In the able hands of Trivikram, Athadu delivers the goods in style.

The story is nothing great….Mahesh is an assassin who is double crossed and on the run; a chance encounter with a certain guy who’s returning to his village after a long time causes him to impersonate that guy (who unfortunately gets killed) and go to his village instead. The rest of the story is about how he solves his problems and that of his newfound family while a parallel CBI investigation to track him is also in place. The real highlight of this movie is its slick presentation right from the very first scene which is enhanced to great effect by Mani Sarma’s background score and soundtrack. This flick has the word “cool” written all over it. For a change, the action sequences are not an embarrassment. The climax gunfight in the church (inspired from Assassins and Face/Off) is quite impressive in parts.

Mahesh doesn’t have much to do here except to look cool and he does it with style….unfortunately this film is being remade in Hindi with the not-so-cool Bobby Deol. Trisha again gets to do her cute village girl act. Prakash Raj is effective as usual as the CBI officer. Ther is ample entertainment provided by the other usual suspects…Sunil, Brahmanandam, Giribabu and Dharmavarapu. This is Trivikram’s second film as a director and he is successfully able to experiment with a genre not usually associated with him but still is able to add his vintage touch to scenes considered to be his forte. On the whole, this is a total timepass flick with all ingredients of a hit…you can definitely watch this one.


1. Raj - November 22, 2006

Athadu is a really cool movie! it’s really great! Mahesh is really cool, Trisha’s cute as a village girl. The songs and backround music are the best! Over all Athadu is one of the best movies.

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