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Arjun October 10, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

This was Gunasekhar’s follow up to his entertaining crowd pleaser Okkadu. The expectations were quite high when this movie released. The Meenakshi Temple Set, supposedly costing 4 crores, was the talk of the town. Did it meet the expectations? Not really. Gunasekhar has the technique and style as he proved with Okkadu but he goes slightly overboard and this ends up as an average commercial movie.

The movie is about a brother trying to save his sister from her in-laws, who want to kill her. The movie is supposedly similar to Puttintiki Raa Chelli (which was a remake of a Kannada blockbuster Tavarike Batamgi) starring Arjun. Vijay later starred in an inspired Tamil version of this called Thirupachi that was a big hit. Now Pawan Kalyan is apparently starring in a remake of that titled Annavaram. Well! What can I say?

Mahesh Babu is first-rate. His voice modulation when he is scared for his sister’s safety is particularly notable. He is one of the few stars in Telugu cinema who takes his acting as seriously as his stardom. Prakash Raj is good as usual but Saritha overpowers him in an excellent performance in a negative role (she is scary!). Shriya is wasted while Keerthi Reddy looks her best in the role of the sister (her best since Tholi Prema).

Mani Sarma’s soundtrack is fantastic. The Madhura Meenakshi and Dum Dumare songs were both visually and musically delightful. The Okka Maata song rocked and the O Cheli song was great fun.

The Temple set is excellent. Too much money was spent on the set, which I believe was quite unnecessary. In Okkadu, the Charminar set was required because it really became a part of the story but here the Madurai temple isn’t as necessary (especially at that cost). Nevertheless, good use of the set was made in the movie.

The story isn’t really fresh but the treatment is (at least in parts). Instead of being highly melodramatic as the movies in this genre tend to be, the love between the brother and sister seems believable (credit also goes to Mahesh’s peformance for this). The first half passes by without too much happening but Gunasekhar builds the tension well in the second half. However, the action sequences are too many, too long and are overdone. Graphics are poor and the wire work isn’t exciting either. The songs pop up at the wrong places and Shriya doesn’t really fit in the movie. Logic is thrown to the wind quite a few times. Despite its flaws, this is an average entertainer that is watchable. Watch it if you enjoy movies in this genre or if you like Mahesh.


1. Shujath - October 12, 2006

This could have been a really good movie…..but the ridiculous action sequences make this into a crappy one. If I discount the fights…I would rate this flick quite well, but I find it impossible to pardon them. It is tough to believe that such a good crew (with a generous budget) could screw up something so badly. In my opinion, during the past 4-5 years wirework has contributed to the undoing of many good movies (mostly South Indian) and it’s high time that filmmakers realize this and either start doing it better or get rid of it. At the end of it…..this movie disappointed me badly; I definitely didn’t expect such stuff atleast in a Mahesh Babu flick.

2. Raj - December 12, 2006

Arjun isn’t that bad but it could have been better. The story is old but what really adds to the story is Mahesh Babu. His acting is really good. Shreya is wasted becuz her character wasn’t really needed. Her character just adds to the little comedy that was in the movie. Keerthi reddy was good as the sister of Mahesh. Prakash Raj and Saritha r so cool as the villians ( especially Saritha cuz she is really creepy!) The fights r really long and lengthy and some could have been cut. But over all Arjun is an OK story. Guneshekar spent too much money on the the temple.

3. S.Ganesh Kumar - June 30, 2008

I would agree with your review.Actually,many scenes made me wonder if so much money was indeed really spent on the film.The plus point as you’ve said is Mahesh’s refreshing performance.His approach during sentimental scenes were quite restrained yet effective.Somehow,it looked like a T.V. serial.But,Mahesh truly saved it.Gunasekhar could’ve done it well if the climax was atleast properly shot.And who’s the cameraman?He seemed to have done a terribly bad job.:(

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