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Anthony Kaun Hai October 9, 2006

Posted by Sai in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

Like his debut film, Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Raj Kaushal comes up with another insipid offering. The movie is supposed to be a comic thriller. The thrills and comedy are conspicuously missing. This is a mistaken identity movie (where the mistaken identity isn’t that interesting anyway) that I would call a mystery more than a thriller or comedy.

This is a disappointing film from the crowd favorite combination of Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt (Munnabhai M.B.B.S, Lage Raho Munnabhai). Sanjay Dutt’s role is primarily a special appearance while Warsi plays the key protagonist. The movie is apparently a rip off of “Who is Cletis Tout?”. Sanjay Dutt plays a hitman who is hired to kill Anthony. Arshad Warsi is mistakenly thought to be Anthony and his story is what the movie is really about.

The screenplay by Soumik Sen is one of convenience. The occurrences on screen are a result of commercial constraints and the fancy of the writer. There are a ton of loopholes that you don’t even want to think about in a movie like this. There are many sequences that neither contribute anything to the movie nor do they entertain (not to mention that they make much sense). The has some really lame dialogue. Raj Kaushal makes a nice looking film but apart from that his contribution is not of much consequence.

Warsi is watchable but he could do with a better selection of roles. Dutt is fine. Anusha Dhandekar is hot and Minissha Lamba looks good but they don’t add much value to the movie. It is nice to see actors like Ravi Baswani and Raghuvir Yadav.

The film starts off with a ridiculous fight sequence (that is thankfully short) and you start wondering if you made a mistake. And you are, of course, right. The forced love story between Warsi and Lamba is an insult to the intelligence of the audience and is probably the worst part of the movie. To add salt to your wounds, the movie isn’t funny. It doesn’t seem like it really intends to be. There is some mild humor in places but that’s about it. This is an avoidable movie.



1. sidhant singh - December 24, 2006

i really like the movie anthony kaun hai and the songs.sanjay dutt and arshard is warsi r talented actors.and sanjay dutt man of bollywood.keep up the good work.i want to see his movie sarhad paar.and arhsards kabul express.

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