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Airplane! October 6, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

This flick is supposed to be the one which kick started the genre of spoof comedies and also the careers of Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker – who are behind other notable comedy series like Naked Gun, Hot Shots and the more recent Scary Movie.

Airplane! is a spoof on disaster movies (mostly based on Airport series of movies). I haven’t seen any of the originals on which this is based but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this. The humor is of the trademark kind which you’d have seen in the other movies these guys have made; silly at times but still makes you laugh. Among the cast Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun series, Scary Movie 3 & 4) is the most recognizable face and he gets the best portions. On the whole this is a nice comedy which kept me entertained while it lasted…if you are in the mood for some laughs then this is quite a decent watch.


1. Sai - May 31, 2007

I also enjoyed this one thoroughly. A spoof on the genre of disaster movies, the film is set on an airplane and features an ex-fighter pilot, Ted Striker, who has developed a fear of flying. When the pilots of the airplane get sick, Striker must rise to the occasion and save the lives of the passengers. Like most disaster flicks that it spoofs, it also features a poorly characterized emotional angle by way of Striker’s former girlfriend, who is an attendant on the plane.

Despite helping pioneer the genre, the film is still fresh and remains one of the finest in its ilk (definitely the best one that I’ve seen). Another notable aspect is that it works even without the knowledge of most of the films being parodied because it plays with a lot of cliches that are easily identifiable to this generation.

The film is apparently based on a 1957 film called Zero Hour! (using characters and scenes from the film scripted by novelist Arthur Hailey) and also takes shots at the blockbuster from the seventies, Airport and its sequel Airport 1975 (also scripted by Hailey) (source: Wikipedia).

Writer-Directors Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker (who were also later involved in various capacities with the Naked Gun and Hot Shots series apart from the recent sequels of Scary Movie) do a superb job of making this film and the genre work. Leslie Nielsen in the pick of the actors (though his role isn’t too long). The film cracks you up more often than not. Some of the funniest moments include the “Don’t call me Shirley” gag, the Roger-Victor-Clarence confusion over names and terms, and the scenes featuring the inflatable auto-pilot Otto.

If you have enjoyed recent films in this genre, you should watch this to see why this is better than most of those. Highly recommended!

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