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Down (Video Title: The Shaft) October 4, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

This has to be one of the worst movies I’ve seen in recent years. It is so bad that it isn’t even funny. My ex-roommate picked this movie at the DVD store probably due to the presence of Naomi Watts (she probably wasn’t as sought after in 2001). The movie is about a misbehaving lift that is killing and maiming people. The secret that is uncovered at the end is so atrocious that I do not even want to recollect it. It is not just the climax that is a problem, the movie as a whole sucks big time.

The movie, unbelievably, is a remake. Writer and Director Dick Maas rehashes his own Dutch film from 1983 called Lift De. I cannot imagine what was interesting in the original (maybe at the time the idea seemed fresh). Apart from the abominable plot, the substandard screenplay, unimaginative sequences, lacklustre performances from relatively unknown actors and innumerable other flaws bring this movie “down”. Watch this movie at your own peril.


1. pattonjr5 - October 5, 2006

naomi watts played this as camp…mocking the genre that gave her
popularity (she played mulholland dr, the ring, & king kong straight).
remember when he said, you guys (meaning the press) & she responded ‘i’m not a guy.’ & she mocked terrorists.
it was a guilty pleasure for me–an intentional bad film.
& you are correct…she did it before david lynch gave her her big chance. but you could say the same thing for tank girl or children of the corn iv.

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