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Unforgiven October 2, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this multi Oscar winning Western…considered by many to be Eastwood’s best. I enjoyed this movie more in the later reels…the first fifty minutes or so was really boring and uneventful…I almost felt like switching it off but slowly things start happening and at the end I must say I did like it. I’ve never seen a Western before so going by the theme I would loosely call it a redemption movie….the kind where the protagonist is a reformed bad guy who actually does something good….dies in the end and pays for his past sins…well, nothing exactly happens like that here but somehow this movie reminded of others with the “redemption” storyline.

The story begins as a group of prostitutes put up a reward for killing two cowboys who assaulted one of their own badly but got away with a minor fine from the sheriff (Gene Hackman). A young cowboy who wants the money lures a famous retired thief and killer William Munny (Eastwood). William is reluctant but the prospect the money holds for his kids makes him take up arms one last time along with his longtime friend Ed (Morgan Freeman). Their only obstacle is the sheriff who wouldn’t allow anyone with arms inside the village. What happens next is for you to watch. The major drawback of this movie is of course the extemely slow pacing….though the latter portions are interesting overall I still felt impatient sometimes. Eastwood as an actor has only 2-3 trademark expressions which he uses to very good effect in this one. This movie is for you if you enjoy slow dramas else you can easily give it a skip.



1. Holden Caulfield - June 28, 2008

Unforgiven stinks it is the most overrated as a top western Eastwood’s worst movie ever.

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