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Lilies of the Field October 1, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

The name of the movie comes from a verse in The Bible. Sidney Potier (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, In the Heat of the Night, To Sir, with Love) stars in the role that won him the Best Actor Oscar in 1963. The movie belongs to the inspirational and uplifting genre of movies. The story is about a construction worker who is traveling through Arizona and happens to come across a group of nuns who believe that he is sent by God to help them build a Chapel and ask him to do it for free. If you find this premise promising you will not be disappointed otherwise, you can skip this film.

James Poe adapts this movie for the screen based on a novel by William Barrett. Ralph Nelson produces and directs this unpretentious film in which three actors stand out. Sidney Poitier (who is my favorite black actor) is brilliant as usual. Lilia Skala is very believable as Mother Maria whose faith in God never leaves her. Stanley Adams is funny as the pragmatic owner of an eatery who helps with the building of the chapel for “insurance” (I loved the “insurance” idea which had me in splits).

I can’t agree for one second with blind faith but putting aside my beliefs, the movie is still enjoyable because it is a positive story that is well told. The movie is suprisingly short at 95 minutes but it may still seem slow for some. Though the premise may suggest that this might be a heavy drama it is not. It has a good mix of humor to go with the drama which never gets too heavy. It is honest and straightforward and that is its primary advantage. Watch it if you find the idea of a simple drama from the sixties appealing.



1. Roslyn Cheatham - July 18, 2007

I am looking for the movie that sidney potier starred in when he was going with a white lady and she had a girl and back in those days it was not so good of a thing. its either like a 1968 or earlier movie, at the end the girl was sent away, her mother was by a tree in the yard before she left, the girl walked out the house with her suitcase and walked up to her mother by the tree, put the suitcase down, and socked her mom several times, picked the suitcase up got in the car the was waiting for her and it left. the girl was mad cause she felt her mom chose sidney potier over her. but they both loved her.when I was a little, they said they would never show that movie on TV again.

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