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The Rundown September 30, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

Simple action movies haven’t been too common in recent years and this one fills that gap. This is an action comedy that has all the ingredients required to make it worth the price of admission. Of course, it is a given that there is not much here that will strain your brain.

The Rock (The Scorpion King, Doom) is good as an action hero. I would prefer him to the likes of Vin Diesel. Of course I am slightly biased to him because I did enjoy his stint as a wrestler in the WWE when I was younger. If The Rock delivers the punches, then Seann William Scott (American Pie, The Dukes of Hazzard) delivers the punch lines and does well. If Scott succeeds in generating the humor, it is partly because The Rock provides the platform for him to. Rosario Dawson provides the eye candy along with some kicks and Christopher Walken brings some respectability and fun to the role of the villain. I was pretty surprised to see Arnold Schwarzenegger make a Bollywood style special appearance in one short scene.

The director Peter Berg has style. I was pleased by some slickly shot scenes and appealing camera angles. I like movies set in the jungle and this one makes good use of the jungle setting. The action in this is not really the spectacular graphics and mind-blowing explosions variety and that really makes it pleasing because it has been rare in Hollywood in recent times. There are a few well-choreographed action sequences that I quite liked. The movie is filled with a lot of humor to supplement the action. I enjoyed this fun film and I would think anyone who is game enough for an uncomplicated action comedy will be entertained as well.


1. Shujath - September 30, 2006

I too have seen that there hasn’t been a good action comedy movie lately…so, liked this one precisely for the same reason. Due to some copyright issues with the name this movie was released with the title “Welcome to the Jungle” in some places and “The Rundown” in others. Among today’s actors, I feel The Rock is one guy who can handle action as well as the comedy part with style….unfortunately his potential doesn’t seem to be utilized fully….this one is definitely his best film though. Seann William Scott can always be relied on for the laughs. On the whole, a welcome addition to the action comedy roster worth watching.

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