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Any Given Sunday September 24, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

Oliver Stone changes track from his usual darkish political stuff and makes a movie around football (the violent American version). I have two opinions after watching this movie….I would call it much ado about a football game but also a rocking entertainer. Though it loosely falls into the category of underdog sports movies, it is more than that and surely much better than the ones I’ve seen.

The story revolves around the coach of a losing football team Tony (Al Pacino), the team’s profiteering manager Christina (Cameron Diaz), the much loved aging superstar quarterback Rooney (Dennis Quaid) who gets badly injured during a game but has full support of the coach to get back into the team despite the manager’s losing confidence in him….and a new young star Beamen (Jamie Foxx) who guides the team to new victories but is under fire from his fellow team members and coach for not following the proper tactics, for not being a team player and for having success go over his head (ala Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman). You can pretty much figure out the story which moves around these characters and a few others and how everything falls in place in the end. But what makes this movie watchable is the picturization of the games itself with some pumped up music playing in the background. This in fact takes up most of the screen time….though I don’t understand the game or the terminology surrounding it…still great fun to watch it. If you have seen S.S Rajamouli’s Sye then after watching this you’ll figure out where he got the idea for the final touchdown scene. In any case, this is a total paisa vasool movie which one would enjoy as long as it lasts.



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