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Allari September 24, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

With his weirdly styled chracters, Ravi Babu creates a movie that is different from the average telugu movie. Apart from that there isn’t much to appreciate in this movie. The plot is inspired from a little-known barely-watched teen comedy from the eighties called Secret Admirer (directed by David Greenwalt who later directed TV series like The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer). That movie, though predictable, made me laugh a few times. This one however, did not do that too often.

Ravi Babu creates an interesting world replete with idiots of all types sporting weird hairstyles, wearing gaudy clothes and inhabiting colorful sets. The movie seemed interesting from the teasers but the comedy was too juvenile for me to enjoy. The characters are mostly one-dimensional and far away from reality. I laughed a few times at the beginning but the sameness of the jokes made it tiresome after that. Naresh suits his role very well and some of the other performers do a good job. Ravi Babu brings some freshness to the song picturizations which are more like music videos than the songs that we are used to watching in telugu films. He does have style but his weird sense of humor overshadows his style in this movie. The music (Paul J) is partly good but the background score is overdone.

This movie does have its appeal for a teenage audience and that was the reason for its success (apart from the low budget). Apart from the fact that this is a genre that is rarely seen in Telugu cinema, there is little going for it. This is a mindless comedy that few might enjoy. I would not recommend this to any adults unless they enjoy kooky comedies.



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