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Premisthe (Kadhal) September 18, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Tamil, Telugu.

Right from the first scene there is an ominous foreboding which tells the viewer that something bad is going to happen out there. As the movie progresses it starts becoming true slowly. There have been many stories before this about couples who elope and parents who try and hunt them down….some have happy endings while some are tragic but what works big time in this flick is its extremely authentic setting and performances.

This movie is supposedly inspired by a true story which happened in Madurai sometime back. Director Balaji Sakthivel then translated this into celluloid on a constrained budget of two crores from producer Shankar. This went on to become a huge hit in Tamil and the dubbed version met a similar fate in Telugu too. There are very impressive sequences in the film…for instance the initial courtship between Bharath and Sandhya and also the post interval portions involving the hero’s friend. I did feel at times that there were too many songs but they blend very well with the narrative. Also, special mention needs to be given for the climax which is quite heartening. This is a fine example of taking an age old story and packaging it into an eminently watchable fare. The performances by the lead pair as well as the supporting cast is too good. This is the kind of cinema which everyone can appreciate simply because it offers something very different from the usual candy floss churned out ninety percent of the time….the fact it was a huge critical and commercial success just proves it…go for it!


1. Sai - September 25, 2006

As you mentioned, the tone for this film is set from the very first scene. Balaji Sakthivel does a great job with his debut film (writing and direction). Realistic love stories are few and far between. Success for a dubbed low budget film in telugu (with a climax such as this) is definitely an achievement (Shankar’s name as the producer probably helped a bit). The music by Joshua Sridhar is pretty impressive. A movie like this needs good performances and the work of the principal actors, Bharat and Sandhya, is praiseworthy. I was highly impressed by Sandhya for whom this is a debut performance. The supporting actors also conribute their part to the movie (the guy who plays Sandhya’s dad, Dhandapani, was really scary, especially because he felt so real).

My main criticism of this film is that I felt that the foundation of the love between the lead characters wasn’t well justified. I wouldn’t have expected the same from another film but since this was a good film, I felt that a proper justification was needed considering the large difference in backgrounds. This is a blot on the otherwise realistic film. This however, does not hamper the pleasure of watching the movie. I also did not care much for some of the symbolism used by the director (especially the one with the tap).

I particularly liked the second half of the movie that shows the struggle of these lovers. The depiction of life in the boys hostel is something that has probably never been seen quite so realistically. That, in my opinion, was the best part of the movie. The climax is very good because it is realistic and yet it manages to leave you with something positive. This is one of those movies that hits you hard. Anyone who enjoys realistic fare should like this one.

2. SRINIVAS - November 27, 2006


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