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Muthyamantha Muddu September 17, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

This film is based on a novel called “Thriller” by Yandamuri Veerendranath (whose novels have been converted into films like Abhilasha, Challenge and Aakhari Poratam). Indian mythology is filled with stories of rishis and munis who perform penance for years and are granted special powers by God. These sages are known to perform such tapassu for many reasons. Is it possible that someone could perform such penance for love? This weird but novel premise forms the basis for this movie, written and directed by Ravi Raja Pinisetty (Chanti, Pedarayudu, Yamudiki Mogudu).

Seetha stars as Vidyadhari, a girl whose experiences with men have been distressing and painful. Rajendra Prasad is cast against type (which means that there is very little humor here) in the role of the lover, Anudeep. Both the principal actors deliver competent performances. Divya Vani (in probably her first movie) and Murali Mohan are present in supporting roles. Hamsalekha provides the soundtrack for this movie which has some appealing tracks, particularly Premalekha Raasa (which is incidentally being used as the title for a new film directed by lyricist Kula Sekhar). The screenplay has some loopholes and a few illogical sequences but it did keep me engrossed when I watched it as a kid. It does not hold my interest as much now. Though I wouldn’t rate this movie highly today, it might make an interesting watch (based on the premise) for those who like to watch movies for the story and drama.


1. Shujath - September 17, 2006

I remember seeing a movie as a kid where Rajendra Prasad loses his hands and they grow back miraculously due to some special power he has! Is this the movie by chance?

2. Sai - September 17, 2006

Yes, this is that one.

3. Shujath - September 17, 2006

Hmm…though I have no clue about this movie now…was probably too small when I saw it…..the hand growing scene has always fascinated me since then….I did want to know which film this was from and now I do 🙂

4. Tarun - October 23, 2006

Hi Sai,

I had the oppty to watch this flick recently. It is no doubt an interesting premise and the script hold immense potential. Vidyadhari’s character as the independent, androgynist person is very believable.

Rajendra Prasad delivers a K.O performance as the naive, love struck person. IMO, the characters were very well etched out. But, the weak part i felt was the plot. What was the need for a snoop investigation, and the aftermath where Vidyadhari is jailed? If it was only an excuse for the hero to prove his love, it was unnecessary.

All the subplots seemed to deviate from the central theme, and relegated the story to a routine love story. If only the script was about the relationship between the two main characters, it would have been an awesome movie.

Aaah..the compromises our mainstream directors have to make!!

5. harsha - September 17, 2007

Hi frens can i get this movie for download..Im trying my level best to get a cd of this..but in vain..if u can gimme a link to download or any alternative..i wud be so thankful to u.. regards harsha

6. A well wisher - November 18, 2007

After a long Wait, i watched the movie that once fascinated me (although for a variety of reasons ) when i was a child.

If the world lives only for sheer entertainment,then for god’s sake stop watching (more precisely stop commenting ) on the movies like this one,for the purpose of such one in a million
type are clearly to convey the intended,very significant morals & values that unfortunately don’t exist today.
if ever you find yourself questioning your existence or going mad at the way things are around you ,then look out for those rare pearls floating in the ocean of this weird world before you are too late……

7. priya - January 26, 2008

i want to know exact climax of this movie. Is the climax same as the novel or changed ? As i dont have chance to watch this movie i am asking this

8. karthiks416 - February 19, 2008

can any one tell me links to download yandamoori novels

9. arjun - June 7, 2008

Can anybody please tell me a quick summary (including SPOILERS) about the film/novel?

10. Sandeep - September 18, 2008

i hav seen this movie when i was child, its good concept with a bad treatment.

for yandamoori novels one can see


Short Summary of movie :

If a saint go to himalyas and do tapasu for his ultimate destiny, what if a person in love who wants to achieve his destiny do the same.

Rest all is after obtaining powers from tapasu, how he obtains his real distiny THE LOVE.

11. ASHOK.BODAGALA - October 23, 2011

OUTSTANDING ….! SHOWN ABOUT GENUINE LOVE…..! strength of Will POWER….! this movie not having commercial elements but….have ethic values…..!

12. SAI SRI CHARAN AKELLA - December 16, 2012

Every movie is a fictious character plot. do not comment on the movie like this for just showing your comment to be the best and make others lose interest in this.. Any thing which cannot be understood is a matter for others to laugh at first but in reality its a matter that could not be understood by you people.. watch movie as a movie and dont find loop holes, if u have that capability come to film industries and write stories which wont fail at box office.

13. pens treatment - October 1, 2013

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