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Bommarillu – Love makes life beautiful September 11, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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There was so much hype around this movie after it released. The audience was mesmerized. The critics raved. All the NRI students talked about the praise from Jeevi (the very famous online film critic for Idlebrain.com). Discussion boards were filled with comments comparing the movie to films like Ninne Pelladatha, Nuvve Kavali, Arya, Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana and even films of Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar. So the expectations were humongous to say the least. However, I tried to keep my expectations low and watched the film. The verdict? When I left the theatre I felt that this was a beautiful film. As I continued to mull over the screenplay, I realised that comparisons to some of those movies is not really uncalled for.

Recently, when I wrote about Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, I mentioned that there were few movies that aptly depicted a conflict arising due to love between two people. This movie depicts such a conflict realistically. In that movie there was a very relevant social issue like race that provided the conflict. In this movie it is a more simple issue yet very relevant to the Indian community as such. I mentioned earlier in the discussion about Good Will Hunting that Indian parents tend to decide most things for their kids (or at least have a great influence on the decisions) from their career path to their life partner. The issue here is about parents who believe that they are doing the best they can for their children without realising that what is best in their minds is not really what the child needs or wants. This is the crux of the film. Some of the families that came to this movie enjoyed it as much as I did but little did they realise that they themselves are doing some of the things that the father does in the film. In fact some of my friends probably don’t realise enough that we would probably commit some of the same mistakes that the previous generations have been committing. Kids who are like Subbalakshmi (Neha) may not find an issue while kids like Sidhu (Siddharth) will suffocate.

Some of my friends ask me if I mean to say that our parents are committing mistakes when they in fact have our best interests in their mind. Having best interests and doing the suitable thing are two different issues. Every individual has a justification for every action however wrong it may be. We do not act until we satisfy ourselves that it is fine to act that way. Mistakes are a part of every individual’s life and just like us, our parents are no exception no matter how much we love them. I have many friends whose descriptions fit Sidhu, Haasini and Subbulakshmi in the film as far as the relationships with a parent goes (and this relationship might differ between the two parents too). Some have more freedom while some do not have as much breathing space to let their feelings out while others get used to a dependent life and cannot even take a simple decision without enough support. I am generalizing but you should get the picture. I was really moved in the final confrontation between the father and son when I realized that there is so much love, affection and commitment from both parents and children and yet it still creates a confused and unsatisfied child (some people may say that it was the child’s fault because he did not open up earlier but it is the upbringing that makes the child what he is and that is the reason that the child cannot open up to his father). Simple understanding of what a child wants would have gone a long way in creating a happier child, not to mention a more satisfied parent.

Coming back to the movie (written and directed by Bhaskar), this is a magnificent screenplay first of all. We have had a writer-director like Chandrasekhar Yeleti (Aithe, Anukokunda Oka Roju) who has given us tight screenplays without loopholes or the inclusion of irrelevant matter. If Yeleti brought class to the thriller genre, Bhaskar brings the same class to the family entertainers. The brilliance of Bhaskar lies in the fact that the taut script is character driven more than anything else. At many places in the movie, you feel like he might compromise the characters but he stays true to them (especially when Genelia speaks up after the “week” is over). The characters and dialogues are close to reality and reminded me of many people throughout. Of course, the script may not feel perfect to some but better ones are rare in Telugu cinema of recent times. The director rarely tries to manipulate you and the drama nevers gets melodramatic. The movie is abundant in humor as is the current trend for family cinema. There is some really neat stuff here (check out what happens as the titles roll). As a director too Bhaskar is good and there is a lot of attention to detail. Bhaskar seems to be a perfectionist and he definitely has a strong will to succeed. I think he is a superb find though a couple more movies would be needed to decide how good he really is.

Siddharth does an excellent job as the son whose thoughts/ideas/decisions are nipped in the bud. His character is key to the movie and his casting is a good decision. His telugu diction is not really perfect but it is pardonable considering his effort to learn the language. His dances are passable. Genelia’s Haasini character is very believable to me because I have closely known a few people who are childlike in their behavior and are always happy and bubbly. Their enthusiasm rubs over to you. Sidhu’s character falling in love with Haasini’s is very believable because of the fact that she is able to do what he cannot (though love at first sight may seem a bit of a stretch). Haasini’s characterization reminded me of Rekha’s in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Khoobsoorat (one of his great comedies which is not as famous as his others). If you did not like Siddharth in Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana or Salman Khan in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Kajol in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, you will not like Genelia here but believe me such people do exist. I really did not believe that Genelia could act before this one but the director gets her to emote well (though she overdoes it here and there). Some of the mannerisms are definitely based on the director’s observations. She dances horribly (she actually jumps instead of dancing) but doesn’t do much of it anyway. Savita Reddy’s dubbing has really gotten monotonous over time.

Prakash Raj is perfectly suited for the role of the father (you are also reminded of another excellent portrayal of a father by him in Trivikram’s Nuvve Nuvve). Jayasudha does not have much to do overall but her expressions from time to time add to the movie, justifying her presence. From among the rest of the cast, Sunil is as always excellent (he is one of the few comedians that shows an appreciable variation in the way he portrays different roles). Satya Krishnan (who had a great role in Sekhar Kammula’s Anand) does not have much to do here. Neha (who acted in V.V.Vinayak’s Dil) gets a cameo and does well.

The music by Devi Sri Prasad is very good and so is his background score (compared to the composers from this generation like R.P.Patnaik and Chakri, Devi Sri is the only one that does a decent background score). He comes back to form with this one. If I had to pick a couple of songs, I would pick Appudo Ippudo (sung pretty well by Siddharth with Devi Sri chipping in the background to great effect) and Bommani Geesthe (reminds you of an Ilayaraaja number from Chinna Rayudu but is definitely not a lift) apart from the music bit. The lyrics of Bommani Geesthe are quite good (Bhaskarabhatla).

Coming to the comparisons with various movies. Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge which ran for over 500 weeks (and is probably still running in Maratha Mandir) had many good things about it but it still manipulated your emotions. The plot wasn’t as character driven as this one and the conflict isn’t as identifiable. Karan Johar’s flicks are all about manipulating your emotions (though they have great humor) as are many flicks from the Chopra/Johar camp. Krishna Vamsi’s Ninne Pelladatha had little manipulation and great identification factor except for the conflict (which to some was not as believable). Vijaya Bhaskar’s Nuvve Kavali, scripted by Trivikram had the best humor of the time when it released but it never had the brilliant characterization of this one though the conflict was believable. Prabhu Deva’s Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana lacked in originality being a mish mash (an excellent one though) of so many bollywood flicks ranging from Maine Pyar Kiya to Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (M.S.Raju’s script is to blame). Sukumar’s Arya was never really that realistic though the Arya character is what drives that movie. I could go on but comparisons with what are favorite movies for many is probably unnecessary. My point here is that the character driven screenplay, the identification factor and lack of manipulation of your emotions are the key strengths of the movie.

Don’t expect too much from this movie (you may not like it as much as you should if you expect too much). This is a great family entertainer even if you don’t really care about story, screenplay or direction. Watch it even if you do not want to think. Watch it if you enjoy cinema.


1. కిరణ్ Kiran - September 11, 2006

Thanks for the review. I am planning to watch it in theatre soon.

2. Shujath - September 11, 2006

I haven’t seen this movie but some time back was just looking for the trailers on You Tube when I found that someone had posted the much talked about Siddarth climax confrontation scene..and I checked it out. I shouldn’t probably be saying this here but I’ve never identified myself with a character so closely before. I would definitely watch this once I get a chance.

My personal opinion of the films you’ve mentioned in comparison with this one is that all of them are pure entertainers and I certainly wouldn’t identify with the characters in Chopra/Johar films….it’s kind of hard to identify with someone who arrives home in Yash Raichand’s private jet followed by a ride in the Raichand private helicopter 🙂

3. కిరణ్ Kiran - September 18, 2006

I watched the movie in theatre last week…as expected it was houseful. I could definitely identify myself with Siddharth’s character. Bommarillu is not a normal masala movie, it carries a strong social message especially aimed at parents & youth.

4. S T - October 1, 2006

I love Siddu!

5. Sneha - October 1, 2006

Siddath is the hottest guy on the earth. I love him a lot. I love this movie too!!!!

6. yogi - October 3, 2006

This is a great review about a great movie. I keep on watching it . It’s just real…………………….. Thanks for the review

7. Sanju - October 31, 2006

Way to go Sid!

Bahut pyaara aur FRESH movie hai….

So guys, what are you waiting for—go and watch it!

8. suhas tadas - February 16, 2007

very nice! i am a film student in a australian university where in we are taught about so called superior film making of hollywood, french and the dutch dogma style. but behold people! few more films like these from our kitty, and we would make our mark internationally. few more of these kinda movies and we could deliver hollywood and other film industries a fatal blow. keep it up. music is awesome and siddharth has sung appudo ippudo on a perfect pitch. wow! never known sid was such an able singer. keep it up.

9. venkatesh - February 20, 2007

Hi sir, This is venkatesh from andhra i seen ur Yougi film, Dirocation is good but storry is very bad u will copy totlay at Kanna scripts, i thkin thats y this movie fail i don’t know why u aggired this movie… any good luck.. i have one story movie line is ther if you Instred too give the mail i will tel you any why nice meeting you sir bye ….

10. kk .teju - March 4, 2007

bommarillu_first rate movie , i love siddu and genilia

11. MAITRI - March 4, 2007

Bommarillu is a excellent movie i have ever seen before.

12. pragyan - April 24, 2007

i’m from orissa and i can’t understand telugu but now i can’t even stay one day without watching bommarillu and this is only bcoz of siddhu’s and genelia’s acting talent and last but not the least siddhu is always my favourite and genelia too!!!
siddhu iz the best.best of luck siddhu 4 ur future..
do ur best siddhu and ‘ve gud film offers…

13. rads - September 23, 2007

A well taken movie, and I absolutely enjoyed reading your review. Thanks! 🙂

14. Sai - September 24, 2007

Thanks Rads! 🙂

15. PRASADA RAO CHITRAPU - November 4, 2007

I think that good days are once again to knock the door of Telugu film industry. This is a healthy trend for family entertainers to come. From the selection of title to selection of characters, all ingredients are superbly matched and the picture will be a magnum opus in Telugu movie history. Thanks to Bhaskar who has enriched this film with his accelerating screen play and canning the film with utmost care and devotion. Bhaskar! don’t lure to money and drive the Telugu film industry in to a right direction. All the best.

16. Rachana - December 13, 2007

hi siddu .i luv u so…………………………….much i like ur acting .smile ,films,dialoge,u r so cute ,handsome.iam a big fan of u..i dont at all get bored watching ur movies……urs &geneelias jodi is superb………i wish i could meet u atleast once in my life……………..

17. boysmakesh - April 19, 2008

i dont know telugu … but i know tamil…i watched the remake of Bomarillu in tamil in the name of Santhosh subramaniyam in theatre
first i didnt like the movie b’ze of childhish char of genelia.. i watched it for 2nd time with my friends great acting by genelia.wat a superb family & love film… both love part & family part of the story are interesting,… but less comedy..
Uyirae Uyirae song(in tamil)[song came when genelia went out of hero’s home] is superb..i am proud to be her fan…iam happy to say that im going to that movie 3rd time by today evening….


18. sitaji - July 2, 2008

I saw the movie last night and just found your well written review. It was my first time seeing Genelia and I enjoyed her performance a lot. I especially enjoyed Prakash Raj. Thanks.

19. Bommarillu (2006) & Genelia D’Souza. Sometimes I sneak over to Tollywood. « Bollywood Food Club - July 4, 2008

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20. vallabh - July 7, 2008

A perfect telugu entertainer. The characters and the plot were a bit exaggerated, I should say (if you agree, you should definitely watch “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”). However, it’s apt for Telugu audience and I had no problem enjoying it.

21. harini - August 27, 2008

how are u

22. Jessica Cabangonay - December 24, 2009

hello.. i want to know the lyrics of LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL..pls can you post that lyrics.. pls pls pls…

23. Jessica Cabangonay - December 24, 2009

I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU HASINI AND SIDDU.. Grabe ang ganda ng movie ninyong dalawa.. I LOVE YOU..!!!!!!!!! I LOVE INDIANS…..(Jessica here from Philippines)

24. Jessica Cabangonay - December 24, 2009

Pls, I need lyrics na.. pls pls pls…. Mahal Ko Kayo.. Hasini and Siddu.. Im your no. 1 fan here in Philippines.. I LOVE YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN…

25. Ann Therese v. Castigador - July 14, 2012

in part the of story the boy is cry in the bathroom. i cry too the story is so sad

26. best home cinema - February 13, 2014

very well presented and the way its displaying its beautiful.

now i came to realize how things go if taken in right way

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