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Solaris September 5, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

One of those movies which try to make you think too much but ultimately leaves you scratching your head. A psychiatrist (George Clooney) is asked to make an emergency visit to a space station which is on a mission to a new star/planet called Solaris. Once he reaches there, weird things seem to be happening….people (referred to as visitors) start appearing there from nowhere….apparently, these so called visitors are created from the memories of the visitor existing in the mind of the inhabitants of the space station…slowly and steadily this phenomenon begins screwing up everyone’s mind and ultimately they decide to escape from the space station. What happens ultimately in the final scene of the movie is somewhat incomprehensible…though I found different interpretations of this scene on the net when I was trying to find some spoilers.

This film was directed by Steven Soderberg (Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve) who does have an interesting plot on hand but somehow makes it quite convoluted. One more problem with this movie is its slow pacing, which adds to the frustration. This is a movie which you would find interesting in parts but the conclusion would leave you a bit bewildered. You can watch this out of curiosity but I wouldn’t really recommend it as such.



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