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Christmas with the Kranks September 5, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

I believe that sometimes film critics tend to hate some comedies that are enjoyed by a large part of the audience. So, when this movie took a critical panning but made a decent bit of money at the 2004 Christmas Box Office, I thought the it might be decent enough to watch. After all, this was an adaptation of a John Grisham novel called Skipping Christmas. However, when I actually caught this movie starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, I was disappointed. This movie has very little going for it. It is neither amusing nor funny. It had very few moments that actually made me laugh. The christmassy ending fails to lift your sagging spirit. The premise was interesting but the screenplay (by Chris Columbus who made the first two Harry Potter movies as well as the first two Home Alone movies) falls flat. This movie should be skipped (pun intended).



1. Shujath - September 5, 2006

I did like Christmas movies when I was a kid enjoying stuff like “the true spirit of Santa Claus”…but lately, it’s really tough to sit through these…probably the only one in recent times I’ve liked is “The Polar Express” but only because of IMAX-3D. Well, the box-office has been kind enough everytime no matter what the critics say…so, I guess these are not going away. Let’s see what’s in store this year.

2. Coach Mike - September 5, 2006

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