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Narasimha Naidu September 3, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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This was the third film starring Balakrishna that I saw in the theatre (after Aditya 369 and Bhairava Dweepam). Though I may not be a Balakrishna fan in general, I have no prejudice against him (and I liked him in Aditya 369, especially as Krishna Deva Raya). So I watched this movie after it started breaking all records. This was the first movie based on faction wars that I saw and I’d rate it as the best of the lot.

This was complete masala fare as usual from B. Gopal but was better than a lot of his other movies. The primary credit for that should go to Chinni Krishna who provided the story and screenplay for the movie. The basic idea of one warrior from every house brought freshness to the film.

The film has the flashback formula (made famous in movies appealing to the masses like Rajnikanth’s Basha) that has now become the standard format for faction movies and even others. The formula goes thus – hero is in hiding at the start of the movie and has a love interest and fights some villains establishing his power – towards the interval you find out that he has a flashback – the second half consists mainly of the flashback where he generally has another love interest or two even and of course a conflict with the main villains – after the flashback ends the climax of the movie starts. The love track between Preeti Jhangiani and Balakrishna was passable (and definitely of a higher quality than the one with Balakrishna and Simran in Samarasimha Reddy). What really worked in the movie were the two chase sequences apart from the punch in the dialogues (Parachuri Brothers). The first chase is the one with all the Sumos and the second chase is the one where he tries to save his brothers. Also the sentiment in the second half works for the female and family audiences. This was also an improvement over most masala movies.

Mani Sarma’s background score is the best one so far for mass movies that I’ve seen. The theme piece for Balakrishna was superb. It gave me incomparable josh (the theme from Chatrapathi scored by Keeravani gave me a similar feeling). The background score definitely elevated the events unfolding on screen. Mani Sarma is probably one of the best composers for mass songs and he undoubtedly provided one of his best mass soundtracks here. The movie also had some well choreographed dance sequences. Of course, no one can forget the unbearable classical dance by Balakrishna. There was no reason to include this in the movie and it definitely made Balakrishna look terribly bad.

This is masala movie with all the spices and nobody should expect it to be logical. It is made to cater mostly to the masses and fans and above all to make money. I still can’t figure out how some people feel that Balakrishna looks stupid while delivering those earth-shattering dialogues while they find it believable when Chiranjeevi does it in Indra. Chiranjeevi can bring rain in Indra but Balakrishna shouldn’t make a train go in reverse in Palanati Brahma Naidu. Both are implausible if not impossible. However, fans seem to throw logic to the winds if it is their favorite star while focusing only on logic when it is someone else. Double Standards! This movie is for those who can enjoy masala fare without taxing their brains (the obvious prerequisite being no prejudice against Balakrishna). Those who despise mass movies and those who want sensible fare should keep away from this movie.


1. Shujath - September 3, 2006

Well, this is one of the very few faction movies I’ve seen too. I guess we saw this movie out of curiosity when it was declared the biggest hit of all time. To be frank, I hate such movies but this was watchable primarily because of well choreographed action sequences and of course the pumped up background score by Mani Sharma….but whoever gave the idea to B. Gopal to introduce Balakrishna with that Bharatanatyam routine!!!

Coming to Balakrishna, there are only two films in his filmography which I really like and those are of course Aditya 369 and Bhairavadweepam. One thing I am happy about the current crop of movies being made is that they are slowly distancing themselves from this genre. I like to label these movies as action porn. As for earth-shattering vamsam dialogues, they make me cringe everytime whosoever does it (Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi or anyone else….though I seriously cannot compare Balakrishna with Chiranjeevi as an actor)…hmmm didn’t know that Balakrishna makes a train go reverse in Palanati Brahma Naidu…in fact in Narasimha Naidu there is a scene where blue laser beams come out of his eyes to control barking dogs!!!! In this aspect, these movies are purely watchable for their camp quotient.

In conclusion these are the reasons to watch this movie.
1. If you are a Balakrishna fan
2. If you have never seen a movie in this genre before
3. If you like movies in this genre (in which case any movie is good enough to you for consumption)

otherwise please don’t even venture near to it

2. Sai - September 3, 2006

Its funny that you should call these movies action porn. Roger Ebert used something similar to refer to Fight Club because of all the violence (which he probably found unnecessary) I guess.

Chiranjeevi is definitely a better actor than Balakrishna. As you know, I have been a Chrianjeevi fan since I was a kid. I have been exposed to many caste-based Chiranjeevi fans versus Balakrishna fans debates on discussion boards that have left me disgusted. Over the last few years I have come across so much hatred for Balakrishna that I have started feeling bad for him. There are even “I hate Balakrishna” clubs. What is there to hate so much when he can be avoided? I really feel that the hatred is uncalled for especially since he is not even overrated. He continues to make movies only because they appeal to a section of the audience. And its not just him, many others make movies to appeal to that section of the audience. So I just can’t understand why these people despise him so much.

3. Shujath - September 3, 2006

I lifted “action porn” from the phrase “war porn” which I’ve seen being used quite a few times in reviews bashing exploitative war movies. I find this faction stuff exploitiative in its own way, that’s why I used that.

I think the hatred towards Balakrishna is because…even though nobody places him on an equal pedestal with Chiranjeevi while comparing their “acting”, it is a known fact that as far as box office collections are concerned it is a different story….both are definitely comparable. I guess this box-office success of Balakrishna is what frustrates people (let me accept that I don’t like Balakrisnna either and I do feel bad when his films are successful)….as you said everyone makes movies for that “certain section of the audience” but Balakrishna makes movies only for that “certain section of audience” unlike others. His films are going to run even if Balakrishna haters “avoid” watching it…..that’s probably what explains the clubs.

Caste-based wars and debates are a different issue…..but as a moviegoer I do hate Balakrishna’s films and wouldn’t want them to run to success….but probably won’t take part in a club 🙂

4. NARENDRA - November 7, 2006


5. krushal - November 7, 2006

I dont ever understand how these guys are fans of Balayya.. of course with regard to the movies.. he MIGHT be a good (i still doubt) actor.. balayya doesnot have professionalism in his action as other actors has ex: Nagarjuna Venkatesh & I include Chiranjeevi tooo. His (so called Balayya) movies were.. are… and will be Violence based… Enjoy the move and forget it … never take the movies as a Passion (unless ur a good actor)..

6. sampath kumar - November 9, 2006

STALIN, its not a movie its a AMWAY product marketing. If he wants to come in politics let him come, but he should remember that he is not great like Mr. NTR, or Mr. MGR. He is a perferctly remake other language movie maker. Better to take retair-ment from industy. If his having guts let him come with a new party. Spending money for awards not a better idea.

7. srinivas - November 16, 2006

Chiranjeevi is not a good actor. Only his fans see his movies and run them to 100 days.

8. venkat - November 20, 2006

who stupid guys told balaya is not an actor were they have any sence of enjoying acting. dancing only is not an action. action is performing navarasalu how these guys tell chiru is an actor all his films is running for his dance only don’t compare balaya dialog delivery with chiru he(chiru) doesn’t have that much stamina.

9. vijay - December 3, 2006

Balaya Doesn’t know comedy at all.Tell me a film in which Balaya did good comedy always it has been an over comedy.And in the films he includes his family always, Can’t he make films with out including his family.I agree he dances good, but he misses something in it.And the audience never enjoy his dance.And all the films are of same category..you never find any variation between his films.

10. veejay - February 25, 2007

See, people movies are there just for enjoyent, leats not abuse each other or any other heros, I’d suggest just watch movies for fun and forget them plz don’t get personal and start abusing each other.

11. gopinath - January 2, 2008

hello their is nothing to say who is great in the industry the both balayya , and chiru are two great walls of the telugu industry being as an andhra vasi we should not talk like that……………….

12. Bilawal Zardari - January 13, 2008

nothing to say who is great in the industry the both balayya , and chiru are two great walls of the telugu industry being as an andhra vasi we should not talk like that……………….

13. Ashwin Gowtam - March 12, 2008

Balayya is hopeless. Compare with any other actor. Other actors have some class.

Wishes that guy more flops to come..

Ashwin Gowtam

( vorey okka saari hindi cinimaalu choodandi raa..balayya ki shah rukh khan ki enta teda vundoo..)

14. Ankitha - April 9, 2010

Balaya Doesn’t know comedy at all.Tell me a film in which Balaya did good comedy always it has been an over comedy.And in the films he includes his family always, Can’t he make films with out including his family.I agree he dances good, but he misses something in it.And the audience never enjoy his dance.And all the films are of same category..you never find any variation between his films.

15. chinna - May 6, 2010

simha power anto ranu ranu thalus thun de chiru,pawan ,ramchran fans ke
okakade ke oko cinema chupenchadu balayya babu
tandri ka mo—————–samarasimha reddy tho thodagote chupen chadu
thamude kamo————— narasimha naidu lo kate chuputho thana power yantho chupin chadu
kodukuke amo——————– dialogue power anto simha cinema lo chuse narchuko ane chaputhu nadu
enka avadai navun nada najolekevochina na abemanula goleke vachina eda gathi paduthun de.

16. anup - June 16, 2010

i never saw

17. Hadwa Raj - June 23, 2010

balalrishan papam pichhodu……. evaru em cheppina chesukuntu pothadu.

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