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Golmaal – Fun Unlimited September 1, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

The tagline has “fun unlimited” but the movie doesn’t quite live up to its name. I did read a lot of good reviews for this one but I differ with them. I only found the movie interesting in parts and works mainly because of Arshad Warsi’s one liners.

The premise was interesting though…I don’t know if it is a lift of some other movie or not….4 men enter a blind couple’s home who mistake one of them to be their grandson and then the fun begins….but in very limited doses here and there….pick of the lot are of course Arshad Warsi and Sharman Joshi. Tusshar is good because only because he plays a dumb guy in the movie and Ajay Devgan has improved a lot when you compare this to his previous comic roles. Paresh Rawal doesn’t have much scope. The title track of the film is really good but the rest are average. On whole I would rate this film to be just about okay and you might watch this once if you have nothing better to do.



1. saba - September 5, 2006

the film was good…………

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