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Amrutha/Kannathil Muthamittal August 29, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Tamil, Telugu.

I rate this Mani Ratnam’s best movie in recent times…unfortunately not much of a commercial success. What impressed me about this movie more than anything else is its authentic and unbiased portrayal of a conflict zone.

This is a very touching story about a girl who is abandoned by her mother (Nandita Das) in a refugee camp. She then joins the LTTE and is completely cut off with her past. The little girl is adopted by a couple (Madhavan and Simran) who decide to reveal this fact about her adoption on her 8th or 9th birthday. The girl is shattered when she comes to know this and tries to flee home to search for her real mother but in vain. Ultimately, she and her parents embark on a journey to Sri Lanka in search of the mother. The rest of the movie is about their perilious journey through war-ridden places in their quest. The girl played by newcomer Keerthana deserves special mention for her performance…the rest of the cast too is great. I found the climax very apt and touching.

Mani has handled stories with violent backdrops in the past like Roja, Bombay, Dil Se or even the recent Yuva. But what makes this movie stand out is its realism. There are some spectacular scenes in the movie…like the gun-fight in the park or the shelling operation in the village which leads to its destruction. Of course, there is A.R Rahman too. The song Marumallello/Vellai Pookal is one of the best songs he has given his vocals to. The background score is also great as usual. If you are a Mani Ratnam fan then you should watch it…even otherwise it shouldn’t hurt.


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