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Syriana August 28, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

This critically acclaimed political thriller by Stephen Gaghan deals with the middle-eastern oil politics in which the US indulges. The plot is actually based on a personal memoir of a former CIA agent….the characters have been made fictional but the theme has been retained.

There are multiple subplots in this movie which kind of converge towards the end. I found the movie mostly interesting but there were quite a few places where things went over my head…especially in the portions featuring the oil company negotiator with the government. The movie is very realistically shot which gives it the authencity it needs. The performances are all good…specially George Clooney who also won an Oscar for his role. I personally recommend this film if you would like to get a very general idea about how oil diplomacy works and its effects. Of course, this one did generate quite a controversy in the US becasue of the way it has been portrayed. This is a movie where you have to think a bit and even though it is a thriller please stay away if you are looking for entertainment.


1. crucible - August 28, 2006

I saw it just yesterday. Good film but a bit hard to understand it… I had to think a lot

2. Sai - August 28, 2006

This movie, based on the politics of Oil, has a complicated screenplay and an equally convoluted narrative. The screenplay has a lot of depth and a great amount of intricate detail that most people would miss. Though I have a basic idea, I am not really well versed with the politics involved but that did not stop me from enjoying the movie. However, the experience will be enhanced for those who have a considerable knowledge of these issues.

The movie tells its story through the eyes of different characters. Writer and Director Stephen Gaghan (who also wrote Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic) creates this movie based on the memoirs of ex CIA officer Robert Baer (Clooney’s role in the movie is based loosely on him) and is said to have done a great amount of research, which definitely shows in the intricate details that we see on the screen. George Clooney turns in a superb performance. The supporting cast including Amanda Peet and Matt Damon does a splendid job too. I particularly liked Jeffrey Wright as Bennet Holiday and also Alexander Siddig as Prince Nasir Al-Subaai among the relatively less known cast members.

This movie does not intend to manipulate your emotions. This movie is not one of those that gives you an emotional high. This is one that is very realistic and thought provoking and gives you a feel for the politics present all around us. It raises questions that make you think without providing answers for all of them. Those who watch movies for the stories would enjoy this one as long as they pay close attention. Anyone who enjoys thrillers filled with drama as opposed to action should enjoy this movie.

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