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V For Vendetta August 27, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

This movie is based on a graphic novel by the same name. Though technically it is a superhero movie, do not expect it to be another action adventure. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile watch because of the content.

In the original novel, the setting is that of a totalitarian Britain and V is a masked superhero who inspires and leads its citizens to anarchy. The amusing thing the Wachowski Brothers (makers of the Matrix movies) do is to base the plot upon references to current political events using alternative theories about the ongoing “War on Terror” and making fun of the US rhetoric. For example, there is a fear mongering government-controlled right wing news network featuring a televangelist who keeps warning the world against “Muslims and Homosexuals”…..a Gitmo like detention facility with people wearing orange jumpsuits, the head of state who keeps uttering the word “National Security” more than anything else and his subordinate who owns a major portion of a pharmaceutical company and lot more. It is all these references which makes the movie interesting more than anything else. Actually, you can check out the article about thie movie in Wikipedia to find out more allusions like the ones I mentioned.

Though, I was a bit disappointed because I too initially expected it to have enough action as in any superhero movie, but nonetheless this one kept me entertained. This is actually a nice example of how an important issue can be transformed into a rather frivolous format to make it apt for commercial viewing and probably to avoid controversies. I would recommend this movie to be seen once whether or not you like superhero movies.



1. Gosay - January 14, 2008

Hi Sai & Shujath,
I just can’t believe what i’m seeing here…you both in a span of app year, created this mamoth of content ? wow, hats off fellas.
i have just been on few of my fav movies, and i am quite impressed until now, and would like to complete my reviews, critics, compliments, comments,…..and so on future…..and know what i have bookmarked your blog….hope to see you guys soon……

2. Sai - January 14, 2008


Thanks for the appreciation and participation!

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