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Capote August 27, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

I generally try to avoid biopics but the plot summary on the DVD cover gave me the impression that this could be very interesting. Plus, this was nominated for the best picture last year at the Oscars and also won the award for best actor – Philip Seymour Hoffman (who truly deserves it). But unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with this one. Probably the biggest bore I’ve seen lately.

Well, this is a true story of a famous American writer Truman Capote and what he went through when writing his most famous book “In Cold Blood”. Capote – a self pompous gay writer is facsinated by a multiple murder story which he reads in a newspaper and travels to that place to find out more…eventually he befriends the convicted murderers and ultimately after talking to them decided to write a book about the whole affair. Initially he works towards getting them released but after this whole affair drags for five years, and when the convicts finally get a stay order for their execution…Capote isn’t too pleased as he is also under tremendous pressure to finish that book and the book cannot be finished until the convicts’ fate is decided.

Though the plot on paper might sound interesting, believe me it was a big big bore to watch. Huffman in the title role though is excellent. Please stay away from this movie, unless you have a liking for biopics no matter what.



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