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Sivaputhrudu (Pithamagan) August 26, 2006

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Tamil, Telugu.

The story of this movie (dubbed as Sivaputhrudu in Telugu from the original Pithamagan in Tamil) is as simple as it gets. It is a story about friendship, love and revenge that you might have seen many times. What differs primarily is the setting. The main protagonist is an animal like being having grown up in a Smashanam under the care of an undertaker. There is a certain purity about a guy that has not been affected by society and that is what writer and director Bala (who earlier made the Tamil Sethu remade in Telugu as Seshu) tries to tackle here. Bala does an expert job for the important parts of the movie. However, I did find some negatives. The friendship established between Surya and Vikram is not very believable. There is not much there to show how these two get so close. In another film, I would have accepted it but not in this one. The love/comedy track between Surya and Laila is not one of quality compared to the rest of the movie. The appearance of Simran seems totally forced by commercial constraints. The best characters here are those of Vikram and Sangeetha. Vikram is brilliant as the animal and won a National Award for this performance. The acting is more about the body language, mannerisms and reactions as opposed to conventional expressions and dialogues. Sangeetha surprised me in this movie with a splendid performance. Surya is fine as usual. Laila’s role requires over the top histrionics and she does the job. Some people may find her “cute” (definitely not me!). One of the best things about the movie is Ilayaraaja’s music. I believe this is his best work in recent times as far as soundtrack goes. As always, he also adds to the movie with his background music. Though it isn’t perfect, this movie has depth and is excellent in parts and makes an interesting watch for those who like realistic drama.


1. Shujath - August 26, 2006

This movie first caught my attention when the song “Elangathu Veesudhae” (the one featuring all the actors) started playing on TV. I just love that song and the way it was filmed. I consider it to be one the best filmed songs ever…the beauty of it was that it conveyed the whole essence of the movie in those 5 or 6 minutes.

Coming to the movie itself I would cherish this one as an unusual film about male bonding…generally when you talk about male bonding films like Dil Chahta Hai come to one’s mind instantly. But this is unusual primarily because of the setting and also the characterization of the two leads. Though Vikram was brilliant and rightly deserved the National Award I loved Surya more in the movie. I cannot picture any other actor who could have done justice to that role of a loveable conman. Sangeetha was surely the surprise packet of the film. I really liked the scenes in the jail where Vikram and Surya meet for the first time and the liking they develop for each other subsequently. Also, climax portions are heartfelt and depressing (Bala at it as usual).

One more thing which held my attention is the backgroudn score by Ilaiyaraja. Definitely, one of his best. I would suggest everyone to see this film….not sure if everone would like it or not but surely an interesting watch.

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