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7/G Brindavana Colony (7/G Rainbow Colony) August 23, 2006

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The two minute trailer of this movie set to the theme music was what brought my attention to this movie. The trailer was so beautifully cut and so in tune with the theme music that I was sure this was one director to watch out for.

Generally, love in movies happens fast and without much explanation. And when this kind of love happens between two people with very different backgrounds, it is generally not very believable. However, this movie succeeds where most movies fail. Selvaraghavan (who wrote and directed this movie) captures the realism that is not present in most movies. He creates the character of the main protagonist very well without making him unnecessarily noble to cover his flaws. The character is that of a bewarse (useless) guy who hangs out with a group of friends fighting, teasing women, boozing and so on. Though we have seen similar characters, none of them have been believable in the sense that they seem to have other redeeming characteristics but this one does not.

Now, if such a guy happens to fall in love with a girl from a better background, there is no way that she will fall in love with him (unlike many other movies where unreasonably she falls in love at first sight or the second or after a bunch of arguments). But she does and the reasons for her changing feelings are depicted very competently. This is where the movie succeeds. The guy’s love for the girl, the girl’s changing feelings, his inability to change and much more is skillfully captured on screen.

The climax caught many people off guard and a traditional mind set caused an instant dislike for some. However, I believe that this movie without the climax would not be what it is. Caught between her responsibility towards her parents and her affection for the guy, she needs to make a choice. The feelings of the girl at that point are very believable. I was so involved in the movie that what happens after this hit me like a rock. The climax haunted me for a couple of days.

Anybody who thinks that the climax is giving wrong ideas or teaching wrong morals to youngsters should think again. Anyone who is talking about wrong morals is talking crap. Morals are not about sex. Morals are about doing the right thing. Morals are about ethics and honesty. These are rarely present in society, which is reflected in most movies (by this standard any movie which shows a murder, robbery or even lying is showing wrong morals). However, we have conveniently sidestepped the real issues, focusing on sex for any talk about morals. If you believe that you have never done anything wrong and if you believe that you have been honest and ethical throughout your life then you have morals. I don’t know a single person who can claim this including me. So I don’t believe we are allowed to give lectures about why someone or something is morally wrong.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s soundtrack and background score are awesome. The theme is my favorite (it is supposedly inspired partly from Ilayaraaja’s theme for a movie called Johny). Talachi Talachi Choosa (Ninaithu Ninaithu), Kannula Baasalu (Kanpaesum Varthaigal) and Kalalugane Kaalalu (Kanaa Kaanum) stand out among the other songs.

Ravi Krishna seems to be born to play the role of the main protagonist. This being his first movie, there are no preconceived notions about him and that helps him in successfully fitting the role. Sonia Agarwal does an excellent job too. Suman Setty as the friend and Chandra Mohan as the father are good in supporting roles.

Selvaraghavan (also known as Sri Raghava to telugu audiences) is among the best young directors of South India. He crafts a brilliant film. This movie may not appeal to those who are looking for conventional entertainment. This movie is really for a thinking audience or one that enjoys drama. Anybody who is bored with cliched love stories should watch this.


1. Shujath - August 23, 2006

I too really wanted to check this one out after a look at the trailer with the complete theme music. In fact I saw this in Tamil with subtitles bcos the telugu version wasn’t available.

This probably is the only movie I’ve seen with a very believable depiction of love between two people of vastly different backgrounds and lifestyles. In other movies, it is just too good to be true. When compared to “realistic” movies made in other languages, I’ve always found tamil movies very explicit when it comes to dialogue or visuals. This factor works very well for this movie too.

As for me, I don’t think the movie was trying to promote anything…wrong morals or otherwise. It was just a poignant tale beautifully told. There are a large section of people who always look at a movie in terms of what it is promoting or trying to say……I don’t think someone will ever enjoy a movie this way.

Coming to the performances, Ravikrishna’s average looks and dialogue delivery work fully in favor of the movie….in fact one of the reasons why the movie is so believable. Of course no need to specially mention about the music, this is still considered to be Yuvan’s finest score till date.

Selvaraghavan has proved himself again to be the master of realistic cinema down south…he made Kaadhal Kondein before this and followed this up with an underworld saga Puthupettai..which was fairly successful though not a big hit as his other films.

On the whole, I rate this to be one of the best south indian films to come out in recent years. Go, watch it!

2. Tweetyspeaks - August 24, 2006

I completely agree to Sai’s and Shujath’s comments. It is one different good movie in the recent time. I think the director took great care to work out in great detail a girls’ feelings to a guy, what turns her towards a guy even though he is very useless. Another concept that I liked about the movie is where the guy tries to prove himself for the first time in a automobile workshop and fails miserably. It is not like a stereo type movie in which the hero tries all the impossible things or a new thing for the first time, yet he does an amazing job at it. He very clearly showed the hero’s tension as it his first time in a professional environment. and because of this he fails miserably.

But one thing in the movie which I felt is a bit beyond reality is a guy waiting at the same bench for his girlfriend everyday at 5PM.. I am sure that it will leave a great impact in his mind but buying a bouquet everyday and waiting for her…i am not sure…

3. srinivas - August 30, 2006

It is a wonderful movie

4. srinivas - August 30, 2006

Ravi Krishna has done wonderful acting in the movie. The way he performed is mind blowing. A man who doesn’t want to work, learns and will go to office without ending his life.

It is a real movie.

The facts shown in the movie is the real society in which we are living and nothing that was shown was wrong.

5. shiva - September 16, 2006

this is the good movie

6. Srini - September 18, 2006

IS it true this is a real life story? Is it the directors story? or what?
somebody who knows, please tell me.

7. Shujath - September 18, 2006

Atleast that’s what the director Selvaraghavan was saying in interviews…..that the theme of the movie was “inspired” somewhat from his personal life.

8. shiva - September 19, 2006

Its really touching movie.Its one of the best movie i seen in my life.The realistic story and few scenes i never forget.If you look at the Hero character,its unconditional love.Sometimes touches so much it make me cry for my first love where we departed 12 yaers back because of parents even though we are in love and still we are in love after 12 yaers.

9. Nag - October 3, 2006

I never know about this site. I even never know about the movie 7G Brindavan Colony. I heard from some friends that it is a good movie. Last week end (for Dasara), this movie was shown in Gemeni TV. I generally dont watch movies. But as I heard about his movie, I patiently got in to the movie. My only expression at the end of the movie is “FANTASTIC”. Can any one of us imagine a movie that has its message in the last frame and last dialogue of the movie? Atleast I never imagined, but this movie has shown it .. I dont know how many of you noticed the last dialogue and last frame of the movie .. the last dialogue was told by heroin – “dont look backward, only look forward,…” .. Its an amazing story line and last half an hour of the movie is truely mind blowing .. somehow, I was relating this movie with “SWATHIMUTHYAM” where Kamalhassan (Sivaiah) had similar innocence, adoration towards a subject, a blind demand and belief on a thing .. I never heard about Sonia Agarwal. First time I watched her in this movie. SHE IS JUST FANTASTIC IN ACTING.. The strength of the movie is directon and especially screen play .. its just unimaginable to see such screenplay.

One minor observation is – Sonia’s close shots are not properly taken care. Especially when only face is shown in side angle, due to too much of lipstick, her lips were appeaing as bread pieces with wrinkles .. I thought she has such lips .. but actually she has good lips which can be seen in her bed room seen with hero at the end where she cajole him and says some thing .. it appears to be the photography problem .. except this, the rest of the movie is FANTASTIC ..


10. rakesh - November 16, 2006

never know about this site. I even never know about the movie 7G Brindavan Colony when this movie telecast in gemini tv saw the movie,i dint get any sort of emmotional feealings,again i saw this movie in us, one of my friend he has given the cd,by seeing movie i got my emmotional feeling is any one can love this much,its amazing performens by both by ravi & sonia she is simply superbe acting,especally last diolegues she was telling its amazing,and the background music very amazing when she telling the dialouge last dialogue of the movie? Atleast I never imagined, but this movie has shown it .. I dont know how many of you noticed the last dialogue and last frame of the movie .. the last dialogue was told by heroin – “dont look backward, only look forward,…” .at time the background music is very goog,sonia she simply good,i dont have the words to tell about her acting,whe she says one dialouge,my baby aaj bohath bath karraha aaja mera pas,this dialouge i like very much.

11. Anushka - March 13, 2007


As much i know this is a real life story. Cos one of my friend has gone through the same prob what the director has shown in the movie and my friends name is also Ravi and girl is also north inidan

12. Prakash - December 14, 2007

Simply great movie. hats off to the crew.

13. Pooja - March 6, 2008

response to shiva or anyone with this problem:

no-one should ever give up their life or their love for anyone no matter who it is. if you find happiness you should embrace it and hold on to it with all your might because you may never get it again. i’m sure you have not found that happiness again shiva bc you are still in love w. her after all these years.

it really makes me sad to think that ppl are forced to give up happiness for others when others are not living their lives. i hope ppl will wake up and realise this one day.

as for the movie, it’s wonderful. indeed a truly touching story and it’s even sadder if it is a true story. selvaraghavan did a wonderful job and this is one of my favourite movies now. lovely songs too.

14. sanjeev - November 8, 2008

hai pooja

u said is perfect. not every one in this world are living their lives for others…………..

so why should we lose our love……………

but love has many faces, ,,,,,,,,,,, attraction, feelings,,,,,,,,, happiness,,,,,,,, tears,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

boys never cry when beaten by parents, never spoke kindly to any one…………… but when he sees a girl,,,,,,,,,,, just ready to do anything to be with her, get her love towards him………….

even ready to get beatings………….

of course………… people wont understand much above love until they experience it …………………..

happy to have seen this site …………………..


15. Deepak - August 30, 2010

But the climax of the movie almost got me heart attack. Kick ass. Selvaragavan proved he is not one of the best directors, but only he is the best. The advice sonia aggarwal gives to ravi krishna that not to die and be happy by thinking all the good times he spent with her. Its actually not possible. The person cannot be happy by thinking of the happy days spent with her love by knowing that she doesn’t exist in this world. Heart crushing movie. Background score added more p[ain to the relevant scenes.

16. plancha, - December 10, 2011

Youre indeed correct with this writing…

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