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National Treasure August 21, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

This is the kind of movie that critics hate and the average moviegoer loves. This is total commercial masala at its best. Some movies are not meant to be analyzed and this is definitely one of them. Jerry Bruckheimer is famous for his blockbuster masala flicks that have the critics tearing their hair out while he laughs his way to the bank and this follows the same path (and a sequel is on the way too). If you want to enjoy this movie, you need to stop thinking. I enjoyed this one and so will those who like masala adventure flicks.


1. Shujath - August 21, 2006

For me, it fell way below my expectations. When I saw the trailer, I expected lots of action and adventure (with lots of explosions :))as is expected from Jerry Bruckheimer…..but I found nothing of that sort in that movie.

This is a perfect example where the trailer builds all the hype and the movie doesn’t do justice to it.

BTW, there is a Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Sameera Reddy movie called Naksha whose promos are currently showing on TV and this bears striking resemblance to National Treasure.

2. Sai - August 21, 2006

Not too much action in this one. I would have liked to see this one with either Bollywood or Tollywood stars. Lets see if Naksha is good.

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