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All The President’s Men August 21, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

This movie is based on Woodward and Bernstein’s famous book (of the same name) about the Watergate scandal. Woodward and Bernstein were investigative journalists from the Washington Post who helped uncover the truth behind Watergate. It tells you the story of these two journalists and how they uncover the truth with their careers on the line. Since this is based on the real story, there is a lot of detail in the movie. Considering the people involved and the gravity of the situation, every tiny detail is interesting. This is not the commercial thriller that you might expect though the narrative format makes it every bit as satisfying. Watching this movie gives you a real feel for how journalists and newspapers work. Apart from the investigation, the movie also shows the professional lives of these two journalists (though they do not seem to have a private life at all) and this is just as interesting. This is a fascinating drama starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in the principal roles and is directed by Alan Pakula. Hoffman and Redford deliver the goods as does Pakula. There isn’t a boring moment in this one for those who aren’t well-versed with the details of Watergate. For those who are, this is still enjoyable though they may find some details controversial. Anybody who likes drama or is interested in history would want to watch this one.


1. Shujath - September 23, 2006

I saw this yesterday and indeed it was really interesting….especially the way journalists try to extract information from people as part of their investigation. Though the details at times get complicated to keep track of it doesn’t really hamper the interest in watching the movie. Watch this one…you won’t be disappointed

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