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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory August 18, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

Probably the most eccentric director-actor combination to exist ever….this is another welcome addition to Tim Burton-Johnny Depp repertoire. This is the only their second movie I’ve seen (the other one being the brilliant Edward Scissorhands).

It is very easy to dismiss Charlie…. as a kiddie movie…..but I strongly feel every age group is going to enjoy watching this as much as I did…The story is very simple….a bunch of kids are invited to tour a famous chocolate factory created by Willy Wonka….Johnny Depp in one of his best roles….who actually is testing them in order to choose a worthy successor for his factory.

The visuals are just delicious…I bet you’ll be tempted seeing all those chocolates. I wish I was Charlie. Every time I think about this movie I am tempted to have a chocolate….right now I am going to get one



1. Sai - August 18, 2006

I totally agree with you. The visuals and imagination make this movie very watchable. Johnny Depp is lovable as usual. A special mention needs to made about Deep Roy who was a template for all the Oompa Loompas. Actually template may be the wrong word because IMDB tells me that this guy performed the role of every Oompa Loompa separately and they were put together digitally (and he was paid a million dollars!).

Eccentric is one word that can be used to describe both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp as are maverick and brilliant. After watching this, it makes you want to see the 1971 version to see how much of a difference these two make. The other Tim Burton movies I have seen are Big Fish and Corpse Bride (visuals and imagination are key there too). Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Ed Wood are movies from this combination that are on my list of movies to catch. Kids will love this movie and anyone else who is enamored by visuals or loves imaginative cinema will enjoy this one.

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