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Memento August 17, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

Wow! What a movie! This one totally plays with your mind. If the narrative style is unsetlling, the plot is perplexing. As the end credits roll, you feel like you don’t know what hit you. You feel like watching this movie again to appreciate it completely but as you continue thinking you realise that what you see and understand is still open to more than one interpretation. Watch this if you like thrillers or mysteries and have the patience to think about complex plots and you will not be disappointed.

The screenplay is based on Jonathan Nolan’s short story “Memento Mori” (a latin phrase meaning “Remember you are mortal” according to Wikipedia) which was released only after the movie was published (so the screenplay is considered original, according to IMDB). The screenplay was written by Jonathan and his brother and director of this movie, Christopher Nolan (who also made critically acclaimed movies like Batman Begins and Insomnia). If Jonathan gets the credit for the idea, Christopher gets credit for his brilliant execution. However, this is not the only movie based on short term memory loss (though it may have been one of the first). So, more than the novelty of that idea, it is the narrative technique and the plot that make the movie what it is. I would like to know whose idea it was to have a reverse chronological narrative because a straight narrative with a single flashback would also have sufficed though it would not have made a similar impact. It would be interesting to see if an alternate cut of the movie can be made with the existing material to see how different the experience of watching the same material in a different order would be (and believe me, with this movie, it will feel a whole lot different).


1. Gosay - January 14, 2008

try, 21 grams, crash, 11:14, magnolia….for a similar blend.

2. abdul haq - January 24, 2008

i want to see the move

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