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United 93 August 11, 2006

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

When this movie was being released, there was a lot of controversy about whether it was too soon to make a film based on 9/11 considering that the dark day was still a fresh wound in the minds of the people. A lot of critics raved about the film and I watched it on the first day. I did not in the least expect to be moved because I knew everything that was unfolding on the screen. Yet it affected me and my friends deeply. And therein lies the greatness of the movie. All credit to the writer and director, Paul Greengrass for selecting an unconventional form for the movie. Without any strong dialogue, without any characterization of the people that would make us feel attached to them (or for that matter hate them), without trying to manipulate the audience’s feelings, he still manages to affect us with the reality (as well as his imagination since everything that happened on that day is not exactly known). This is a moving film that is worth watching. Though it keeps you glued to your seat throughtout its running time of 91 minutes, the film lacks any sort of commercial/entertaining aspects that an average moviegoer might want. So those looking for entertainment should keep away.


1. Shujath - August 11, 2006

I haven’t seen this and probably won’t…simply for the reason because the ‘official’ United 93 version of events and infact the whole 9/11 stuff is shrouded with more than credible conspiracy theories. So, I don’t think I can appreciate the movie no matter how well it is made….I simply cannot watch a film based on the official version of 9/11. I’d rather watch “Loose Change” one more time.

2. Sai - August 11, 2006

I would still suggest you try and watch it because of the director. What he’s made is different from anything we would imagine before actually watching the movie. This is not based on any official version of the events that day. It uses known information of what happened on the flight using the tapes from the flight and adds imagination to recreate the events. It shows the passengers in the flight and the people tracking the aircrafts and thats it. Nothing else. It does not put forward any theory or judge anyone. You neither love the passengers nor hate the terrorists but you do feel for them and the situation they are in. It manipulates in no way. It even has no background music to elevate the mood. It does not thrill in any way. It just leaves you with a sad feeling for everyone involved.

3. Tweety - August 12, 2006

Hi Shujath, I do agree with Sai. I think you should watch this movie.
I did hear many of my friends telling it is not worth the time, just because it didnot show the realistic facts. But especially to ppl like you who can appreciate the director’s skill in making the movie, I think you will like it.
Personally, I really liked the movie a lot. I really lost sense of the time during the movie. It is not the content that I was attracted to. It is all about emotions, you would be surprised if I tell you, I felt sorry even for the terrorists. All the credit to the director, who took great care to unfold the deepest thoughts and emotions. He potrayed excellently the terror in the passengers, their desperation to talk to their loved ones at the last minute, the airpersonnel helplessness as they couldnot be anything better other than just being spectators and also the stress the terrorists had to go through to finish their planned plot.

United93, was my first inspiration to write a blog. You can read it at http://tweety-speaks.blogspot.com/
Poor me…could not find anything as interesting as United93, so I just have one post. I think I need to talk to ‘Paul Greengrass’ to help me post my second post..:)

4. creakingwoods - August 12, 2006

Now that “two” many people are pressuring me to watch it, I’ll surely check it out once it is out here on DVD 🙂

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