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Lucky – No Time for Love August 11, 2006

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

I know…most people consider this to be a dumb movie but I just love this one. Prime reason being Salman’s electrifying screen presence…and that’s what makes him a superstar. I consider it’s soundtrack by Adnan Sami to the best which came out in 2005 but unfortunately never got it’s due at those award functions. Ditto for the song picturizations.

Though it gets boring at times….you wound’t complain if you are a Salman Khan fan. Frankly speaking, this was his best movie in recent times…and his chemistry with Sneha Ullal was too good.

I love the opening scene of the movie in the garden which was kind of inspired from Elijah Woods’ intro in Lord of the Rings. Also the scenes in which Salman keeps teasing Sneha are really cute. Every song is a gem….in fact one of the very few movies in recent times where songs don’t act like a speed breaker. But all said and done…..yes, the movie was silly and dumb….but dumb things are good to watch sometimes.


1. Sai - August 11, 2006

I thought that this was an average movie overall. For me this movie was different from the average love story because of its setting. The film was very pleasing visually and that made it a decent watch.

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