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Kshana Kshanam (Hairaan) August 11, 2006

Posted by Sai in Hindi, Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

If I were to list one movie as my favorite, this one would be it. This movie was released when I was 10 and this was the first movie that made me think about cinema. For the first time I understood what the purpose of a director was. For the first time I was really aware of things like shots, cinematography, editing, screenplay, background music and so on. I realised movies were not about stories. My love affair with cinema had started.

Coming to the movie, there is so much that one can talk about. First and foremost is Ram Gopal Varma (my favorite director) who wrote and directed the movie. His inventiveness, vision and direction is visible in almost every frame in the movie. The bank robbery and the following chase at the start of the movie makes you realise that this is a director’s movie and that this director is different and way ahead of most others in terms of creativity, imagination and technique. The performances by Sridevi and Paresh Rawal were unforgettable. The soundtrack as well as the background score by Keeravani still sounds fresh today. The humor in the film is unlike the slapstick that was prevalent in Telugu films at the time (and even today to a large extent). Situations like Satya and Chandu introducing themselves and shaking hands after being on the run for a while, Satya and Chandu crossing over from one balcony to the other, Satya scolding Chandu while Nayar is waiting to know where his money is and many more show what humor is all about. The characters ranging from Satya to the “kindinti Uncle” were all realistic. Satya’s conversations with her mother on the phone, the auto driver, with her colleague in the office, with Chandu in the jungle when she gets scared and many more are remarkable and seem straight from life. There is so much to discuss about this movie that I could do a feature length commentary, but I will stop for now.

It has been written sometimes that this film was loosely-based on “Romancing the Stone” or “Bird on a Wire”. However, this film has no resemblance to those movies except that it belongs to the same genre along with many other movies.


1. Shujath - August 11, 2006

hmm…I don’t even remember the number of times I saw this one. I probably didn’t appreciate it much when I saw it first, bcos I was too small then. But it kept growing on me everytime I saw.

I know that I can keep writing about this one forever; but there’s no point doing that….I’ll just say this is my all-time favorite…period. Even today, I can forgive Ramgopal Varma for all his mistakes just because he made Kshana Kshanam.

I guess this was a hit when it was released way back….but it didn’t enjoy the cult status it has now. I am really happy that no one has remade this into any other language (atleast to my knowledge). But considering that sequels are in vogue now…I wish Ramu would make a sequel to this…Nayar is back from jail and wants to get back at Chandu and Satya and the fun begins again 🙂 This is definitely a better thing for him to do than remaking Shiva with Mohit Ahlawat 😦

2. Tweety - August 12, 2006

wow that looks like a cool idea. I do agree this could be a better thing for RamgopalVarma to do. I think you should let ur Ramu know this and maybe even help him with some scripts, story writing is definetly a cool thing to do 🙂
esp for ppl like you all who have done so much on this blog in such a short period. Great Going guys….
I am all excited to watch KshanaKshanam Part2…

3. Geetha - November 18, 2010

Hi, U people are 100% right, I watch this movie in theatre for 8 times when I was in college, I am from Banglore(Kannadiga) I learnt telegu watching these movie. due to this movie I started loving telegu language. I love this movie. This is my all time favourate movie. When ever I feel lonly at home I watch this movie now also.

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